Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 recap

2010 Recap

Well I will have to start 2011 off better than I ended 2010 on my blog. The last half of the year I wasn’t very diligent on keeping my post up. I am going to try to keep up a once a week post this year.

So to recap 2010. I had lots of ups and downs. But all in all I am happy with the year. Lots of things have change. I started the year one way and ended up in a place I had long thought I would never be. I always try to keep most of the personal stuff out of the blog. I don’t know how others feel about being talked about. So I try to focus on me.

I did make my M.S. ride this year. It was all the challenge I had thought it would be too. I fell short on what my goal for that ride was. That is why I am going back to the same one this year and go after that mark. I know now what I have to do to prep myself to make that Century ride in San Antonio.

I rode 4060 miles in 2010. That is averaging just over 78 miles a week. It was short of the 100 miles a week I wanted. But as a friend has told me. I might have set the bar too high for my 1st year on the bike. I had my road bike for just 11 months of this year. So now I have some miles in my legs I am ready to tackle 2011.

I have already set a schedule for the year. Already have my events picked out and am going to start to prep for the MS ride in October again. October 15-16 is the dates.

So off I go for 2011.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trying to get caught up

Well I need to get this caught up.

The Tour of Beauregard and the La Vernia Hammerfest.

The Tour of Beauregard was in Deridder, LA. The ride was suppose to be 35 but ended up being 41. It was a great ride. I liked the route and it was great to ride some new roads.

Now on to the La Vernia Hammerfest. I think they should change the name to the Sufferfest. This was by far one of the hardest rides I have ever done. The ride was in the Town of La Vernia. Which is just out of San Antonio. I chose this ride because it was in the area where the MS ride was going to be. I rode the 65 mile route. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself in to. The 1st 22 miles was into the wind and up and down hills. Boy did I learn quick how to handle hills. But the wind was made them even tougher. I took an extended break at the SAG stop. The next 16 miles to the next SAG I guess I got in to a grove. After the 2nd SAG the next 10 miles was the worst stretch of chip seal road that I have ever rode. I guess they knew what they were doing to us because the next SAG was right past that part of the road. After a break to get the feeling back in to my hands and feet I headed out. The last 16 miles was in light showers to heavy rain. The outer rain bands from Hurricane Karl that had made land fall in Mexico had come in to the area. That was some hairy riding. But boy I was glad when that was done.

The Valero Ride to the River
Left Lake Charles on Thursday and traveled to Houston to meet up with my dad. Dad was going along to provide support. Boy I was glad to have him there. We left Houston Friday morning to head to San Antonio. When we got in to the SA area we went up and scouted the 30 mile century option route. He and I made the decision that I would only ride the 70 miles on the 1st day. We went out to eat with my cousin and her husband for some great Italian food that night.
Day 1 started early at 530. Happy Birthday!!!! Your going to ride 70 miles up and down hills!!!! I was beginning to wonder what I had signed on for.
We went to the starting area. The Alamo Dome. Was a little chilly but I dressed light because I knew it was going to warm up quick. It took about 20 minutes to get out on the road. The top ten fund raising teams got to start 1st. And I was doing this solo.
Got out of SA alright. This ride has the best s upport I have ever seen. Police everywhere. It made it easy to get thru town. I never even saw the 1st SAG stop. I was rolling with a group that was making good time. That was until right at the 13 mile marker. I came to a stop with a flat tire. I was praying that this wasn’t an omen for the day. (turned out it was just fate giving me a Bday present)
I was making great time after I changed the flat. I was really surprised at how well I handled the hills. I made a quick stop at each SAG and drank and eat something to keep my energy up. Dad met me at Texas Lutheran University and we ate lunch. (That really was a mistake!!!!)

After lunch it was 23 miles to the Fairgrounds and the end of day 1. Oh the 10 miles after lunch were some of the toughest miles I ever rode. My body thought that I had finished for the day when I stopped for lunch. It was tough to get going again. I will say that when I saw the turn off for the century option I thought to myself that I know I couldn’t make that and still ride 60 the next day.
I got to the fairgrounds and Dad picked me up and I went to the hotel and enjoyed a nice long shower and watched some football. I had a great night sleep.
Day 2
Got up and going again at 530. Was surprised I wasn’t too sore. We ate breakfast and I chatted with some other cyclist that had rode the 100 miles. I was glad to have only rode the 70. We loaded up and drove to the fairgrounds for the return trip.
I was lucky and got out in the 3rd flight of riders. The start was really hard. Right out of the gate and we have to make a long climb. The real reason I wanted to get out 1st in our group was not to have to fight with slower traffic. Once we topped that hill I found a group of riders who’s pace I liked and I stayed on their wheels. I hit every SAG stop but the last one.
About half way thru I came along a group of rides that I knew that where Sun and Ski employees from Houston. I stayed with them up until the last SAG stop. I was really making great time but all that changed at 49 miles. We came to a long climb that was three separate hills but they were back to back. That was the point were I started to cramp up. That is the reason I skipped the last SAG at 54 miles. I only had 4 miles left and I didn’t know if I got off the bike if I would be able to get going again.
There was another few climbs before the Alamo Dome. And they felt like they were the Swiss Alps too. They really added insult to injury by making us climb a Rail road over pass right before we got in to the Alamo Dome parking lot. But I will say that when I felt the burst of A/C from inside the Dome it was great.
I did 130 miles in 2 day. Day 1 was 4 hours and 1 min. Day 2 was 3:30 mins. I averaged 17.5 for both days.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update time

Well I have really been slacking on keeping my blog up to date.

Things in my personal life have kept me busy as of late. I will not go in to too much details on that. Other than to say that life is good.

On the cycling front. I am starting to get back in the swing of things. August was a hard month with the heat. But I managed. September has started off good. I had 2 great rides this weekend. Yesterday I did a solo effort of 60 miles. The Grand Lake loop with a detour to Gibbstown Bridge. The weather was great. The wind could have been better but I won’t complain about that.

This morning was by far my best ride ever for speed. I hooked up with a really fast group and stayed with them for 24 miles of the GL loop. The average was over 20 mph when I pealed off. They were going for a little longer ride than I had in me. I ended up with a 18.8 average for 42 miles. By far my best ride ever in a group.

I am planning on a easy ride in the morning. Then Tuesday I am getting that pesky tooth pulled. So I Hope to be back riding Wednesday or Thursday.

Future rides that I have planned right now are: Tour of Beauregard on 9/11. The La Virna Hammer Fest in SA on the 9/18 (65 miles). Tour De Pink on 9/19 (47 miles). (That is going to be another test weekend). All of this is leading up to the MS ride on 10/9 – 10/10. With the temperatures cooling off it will make it a little easier for me to ramp up the efforts.

Well enough for now.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well I have been busy as of late. Work is really keeping me busy. And I am racking up the miles on my car too.

Since my last post I have hit some great milestones. On August 3 I had my 1st anniversary of when I started to ride. I think back and it seems like 10 years instead of just a year. While I remember the 1st ride it seems like that was so long ago.

Well all the drama of my shoulder has made me think about things more. (Thinking can be a dangerous thing for me) But I think it has made me reflect and refocus. And not just in my cycling but in my personal life too. Changes are a coming. But change sometimes is a good thing.

As for the cycling. I have found that I have a renewed spirit and I am focused again on using cycling to lose weight. That was the whole reason to ride. Lose weight and transform myself. Some were along the way I got caught in the speed trap. While riding fast is fun, it is not the reason I need to ride for.

I have also learned to ride within my limits. My body doesn’t like the heat right now. (Most likely because I am still rather large) I have come to the fact that any temp above 92 degrees is the breaking point. Any hotter and I have to just take a leisure ride. My heart rate just jacks up way too high when it is hot.

There are many other changes that are going on in my life. But for now they will stay private. But I do feel that they are changes for the good.

Well I really need to get going. Till the next one. Later.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ups and downs

I have been really slacking off lately.

Well were to start? My shoulder had really flared up. I went to a Doctor to get it checked out. Initially he thought that I had a tear in my labrum. So I had to get a MRI. So for about a week I thought that I was going to have to have surgery on my shoulder. I got a good report back from the MRI. No tear. So off to physical therapy I went. 4 weeks of it. I am currently in week 2. I am having positive results too. The pain is mostly gone. But the shoulder is still really sore.

Thru all this I did have a great ride in Katy, TX. A group from here in Lake Charles went over for the Katy Flatland ride. It was a great ride. We all rode the 40 mile route. Dad even rode it too. (Every one but Lisa, she is always being a solo Queen!!!! Hahaha She rode the 62 miler.) Was a great ride. Dad did great. He really doesn’t group ride much and we really pushed the pace on him. Jessica also did eally good. She has came leaps and bound from the 1st little 15 mile ride that I rode with her.

The physical therapy and now a dental issue have kept me off the bike since the Katy ride. But I have not got down about the situation. It is better to have a break now than to be burnt out and need ing one in September or October. I need to be hitting a peak in October. So a short break now is ok with me. Plus it is just so hot too.

I hope to get out on the bike some time later this week. Will have to see what the deal is with the dentist. My appointment is in 30 minutes. So I guess I need to wrap up this post.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to bloging!!!

Well time for the long awaited update.

The month of June really sucked for me. I messed up my shoulder. Which affected my riding. I had a wreck with another rider. Damaging my good wheel set. And all in all I hit a plateau.

Well I decided to take some time off. I did not ride my bike since 6/30. 6 days off. That is not to say I did not think about cycling.

Over the weekend of the 4th, I went to Lafayette to watch some of the local riders’ race in a Stage race over there. It was a great weekend.

I had planned not to ride till 7/7. Well I just couldn’t help myself. So I went riding tonight. Charles, Stefen, John and Lindsay and I went for a 27.6 mile ride. I was please with how I performed. My shoulder was and is a little stiff but no pain like last week.

I looked back at my log. The last time I had a 6 day break was in the 1st week of February. Don’t think that I will have another for a good while too.

Well it is late and I need to get to sleep so I can get out early and earn my paycheck to get my wheel fixed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Day!!!

Ok bad day it was.

I guess I can do a mid week update.

I rode Tuesday. Was a solid ride. Not too fast but had some good moments.

Now on to tonight’s adventure. Or misadventure.

Started off good. By the time we got to the light at McNeese St. I heard someone grumble behind me about the slow pace. We did 16-17 mph down Kirkman. So when the light changed I picked up the pace. I was only doing 18 mph. Well some how I broke away from the group. Mike G. rode up to me and asked if I was trying to make an attack this early. I found this funny. I was just trying to keep a good pace. Well he and I stayed together for most of southpark. Another rider joined up with us. Be ended up with a nice little break way. Well Mike and the other guy made a dash to catch the light at Tom Hebert and I missed the jump. But I was still off the front for a good while. I brought back to the main group past the light and stayed with them for another couple of miles. By this time they had really picked up the pace and I fell off the back. I kept a good pace by myself going down 397.

This is where the adventure turned to misadventure. I saw a group of riders coming back down the road. I looked to see if I was clear and started to U-turn to ride back with them. Well I didn’t see a young lady coming quickly on a TT bike. Well a TT bike @ 18-20 mph and a Tarmac doing a U-turn= one bent rear wheel and some road rash for her. It really could have been lots worse.

I won’t know what the damage is to the wheel till later. I wonder how much $$$ it is going to cost me to get this fixed. We shall see.

So a great ride turned in to a bad day.