Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monthly TT

Well did the Jolly Roger time trial tonight.

The time trial is on ward line road. We start at Hwy 14 and go to Helms Rd. It is a 12.2 mile ride.

I finished in a time of 42M 33S. Just over 17 mph average. Not too bad. The wind going out was bad. But I was happy to have the hard part be the 1st half. The ride back in was really fast.

The 1st 6 miles was hard. I started off good. But lost a lot of time during the 2nd mile. After the 3rd mile I got in to a grove and made good time. I think my time would have been lots better if I had got in to a better rhythm earlier.
When I made the turn, I dropped it in to the big ring and started to push the speed up. It was a very fast 6 miles back to the finish. My max speed showed a 26.5 mph. I love a good tail wind.

I did this on a pure road setup. No aero gear. Now I have a base line to see how my fitness progresses thru the year. I will be fun to see. They will be doing this once a month.

Well that’s it for now.

New Rider Alert!!!

Well Time for another post.

Well I enjoyed my weekend. Did not ride on Saturday or Sunday.

I relaxed and enjoyed time with friends.

I did end up with 88 miles for the week.

Friday after work I did a 25 miler. The weather down here is great right now. I plan on enjoying it. Because June, July and August are not far off and the Heat will be on.

I rode the group ride last night and pulled tail end charley for Dean so he could visit with his parents who were in town.

The most eventful thing on the ride was that Big Ron finally got off the easy chair and on a bike. Big Ron is my one of my Best Friends. He is like I was last Summer. Large and needing to get back in to shape. It is great to get Big Ron on a bike. I think that this will help me too. I know that when we get him back in to shape he and I will be doing some crazy rides.

Work (I have to do something to support my cycling addiction.) Is picking up. But the good news is looks like I will be getting some help so it shouldn’t affect my riding too much.

Well more later

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mid-week update

Sorry for the large time gap.

I was down for the count during the weekend. It’s spring and the allergies hit me so I was not in any condition to ride this weekend.

Got back on the bike Monday afternoon. Did a nice easy 21 mile ride. Tuesday was group ride night got in to a nice small group and again did 21 miles at a 15.5 pace. Weather was poor on Wednesday, so didn’t make a ride.

Rode the Group rides again tonight. Again did 21 miles. Was going to push for a longer ride but the wind was really bad out of the Northwest. So I took a shorter ride. But the pace was good. 16.2 mph. All and all it was really a good ride.

Planning on riding tomorrow and Saturday. So will post an update on Sunday.

MS-150 update. Already have had 2 sponsors!! I have 300 dollars in donations so far!! I want to get to 1000. So friend and family help me out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Group Rides & MS150

Well time for an update.

I rode Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday I rode from Capitol with a small group. It was only 23 miles but the pace was fast!!! (For me it was fast, 3 of the guys are racers so for them it was a easy pace). Was by far the fastest I have ever ridden. It was great.

Thursday I rode from Capitol again. This time I made it an easy ride. Dean is leading the beginner group. I told him I would ride with him. We had a young lady who just started to ride so we did a short 15 mile ride. Was good that I took it easy. I was still feeling the effects of my Wednesday ride.

Today I signed up for the MS 150 Ride to the River ride in October on the 9th and 10th. I am planning on making the 1st day a Century ride. I have decided to make this my 1st century. It is going to be on my birthday and I think I will remember that for a life time.

MS is a cause close to my heart. I lost my mother in 2005 after a 23 year battle with MS.

Well I will keep everyone up to date on the train up for the ride.

This is the link to my MS150 Personal Page

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weather Rant

Well good ol’ Louisiana weather strikes again. It started with a 20% chance of rain the upgraded to a 40% chance. That just means they have no clue what mother nature is going to do.

The reason for the weather rant today is because it rained yesterday. So that means the official start of group rides here in Lake Charles has been put off till Tomorrow (Thursday).

It’s a good thing I got on the bike and made a ride on Monday. Just 22 miles.
If the mother nature works with me today I will ride this evening. Hope to ride the next 3 days and Sunday. (70% chance of rain for Saturday, if the weather whinnies get it right)

There will be no weight updates this week. My scale went out on me and the replacement is due in on Monday. (Thanks to the great deal on and free shipping)

Not much else to rant about today. Just had to complain about the weather and lack of a good forecast by the weathermen.

Till the next time!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chilly Roger Pics

Well this is me. I am very adverse to Cameras. So it might be a while before you see another one.

This is my road bike.

The starting area for the 2010 Chilly Roger

Weekly Recap

Well what a week. Sorry for the lack of post.

On weight front first. I am now down to 238 pounds. That puts me at a total loss of 61 pounds now. 13 for 2010.

The week started off slow on the bike. The weather was poor. Had some fronts move thru. The 1st ride for the week was on Wednesday. I was out playing chicken with the thunderstorms. But I really wanted to get some miles in before this weekends big ride. Ended up with just over 24 miles.

Thursday was a beautiful day. I rode out south of town and ended up with just over 30 miles. But I set a new personal best for average speed. I averaged 17.1 mph for the ride.

Now for the Chilly Roger ride on Saturday.

The ride kicked off at 9 o’clock. I headed out fast. I knew that I would get dropped when we hit the wind. (The wind was out of the west/northwest and was 15+ with some really heavy gusts) As I fell back. I drop in with some different groups. But the ride became a solo suffer fest at about 24 miles in. I just couldn’t keep up the faster pace in the wind. Even in the draft it was really too much. I learned that while I have came leaps and bounds since last August, I still have a long way to go. (I am not getting down on myself here, just stating the facts)

By the time I had reached the 36 mile point in Vinton, LA. I was really wondering if I should be committed to the funny farm. I pulled into the rest stop and I ate some food and took a rest for about 20 minutes. 36 miles was the longest I have ever rode without a rest stop. And I was feeling it. After the battle with Mr. Wind I was tired.

I remounted the bike and started pushing the pedals again. The last 30 was a lot easier then the 1st 36. The wind was more of a crosswind and was on my back more too. I stayed in the big chain ring for most of the 2nd half of the ride.
There was another rest stop at the 51 mile mark but I was really in a rhythm so I just passed it up. That decision could have came back to haunt me if the ride was any longer than it was.

I started the ride with my camelback and 2 – 24oz water bottles with an electrolyte drink in them. I also drank 2 bottles at the half way point. Well at 54 miles my camelback went dry. I still had most of a bottle of the electrolyte drink still. Well at 61 miles I was completely empty of all of it. Good thing it was only 5 miles to the Finnish. (Note to self – Check the camelback when you stop some where!!!) It was a warm day 72 degrees. I am glad that that decision didn’t hurt me.

I had one other problem in the last 10 miles. I started to cramp up. I really was worried that I had started to dehydrate. (I have a had bad luck in my younger days with dehydration.) But that wasn’t the case. I really had stayed hydrated. My body was just rebelling for the torture I was inflicting on it.
I made it though. I finished in 4 hours and 10 minutes. I averaged 15.8 mph for the ride. Not too bad for going solo for 40 miles.

I have decided that I will not try a Full Century ride till the fall. I need more time and training before I am ready to attempt that feat. (They have a century ride during the MS-150 ride in October. Right around my birthday!!!)

Woke up this morning and realized I had some spots I missed with the sunscreen!!! (Another note to self – Reapply the sunscreen at the half way point!!! HAHAHA.)

Well this morning was as bad as I thought it would be. Other than the few spots that I missed with the sunscreen, I am doing good.

So lets to the weekly recap now. Not going to ride today.

Miles Needed – 1000
Total miles to date – 732.4
+ or – miles – (-267.6)

This week was my best ever total miles for a week. 121.9 in only 3 rides.
Well this Tuesday starts the Tue/Thur. group rides out of Capital. So I will start to have more to write about mid week. The time has changed so Longer days mean better chances to get a ride in.

Till the next post.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Recap

Well it’s been a relaxing week off from work.

I rode on Friday. Just a short ride. 20 miles.

I was planning on riding this morning but I woke up and I am in no shape to get on the bike this morning. Stomach feels like I am on a roller coaster. So I have decided to relax and get ready to head back to work tomorrow.

On the weight front. I am now down to 240. So a total of 59+ pounds since July. I was able to fit in size 38 pants!!! I know for a fact that the last time I did that was in 1997. So we are making some progress!!! (FYI I was in 44’s and they were getting tight on me in July of ’09.)

Next Saturday is the Chilly Roger ride. 62.5 miles.

Till the next post!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Slow Week

Well this has been a slow week.

I haven't done any riding so far. I am planning on getting on the bike tomorrow afternoon.

But just because I haven't rode doesn't mean that I have not been involved with bikes.

I am off of work this week. So I have been at the bike shop helping out. I really can say that I have a much better understanding of the mechanic's of the bike.

Still have 2 days left of helping out. So there is more learning to be done.

On a personal note away from cycling. My best friend Theron will be home this weekend for his last visit before leaving at the end of next week for a Tour in Iraq for the year. I hope all my friends and family will keep Theron and his family in their prayers for the year.

To my friend. Thank you for your service and keep your head down.