Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Day!!!

Ok bad day it was.

I guess I can do a mid week update.

I rode Tuesday. Was a solid ride. Not too fast but had some good moments.

Now on to tonight’s adventure. Or misadventure.

Started off good. By the time we got to the light at McNeese St. I heard someone grumble behind me about the slow pace. We did 16-17 mph down Kirkman. So when the light changed I picked up the pace. I was only doing 18 mph. Well some how I broke away from the group. Mike G. rode up to me and asked if I was trying to make an attack this early. I found this funny. I was just trying to keep a good pace. Well he and I stayed together for most of southpark. Another rider joined up with us. Be ended up with a nice little break way. Well Mike and the other guy made a dash to catch the light at Tom Hebert and I missed the jump. But I was still off the front for a good while. I brought back to the main group past the light and stayed with them for another couple of miles. By this time they had really picked up the pace and I fell off the back. I kept a good pace by myself going down 397.

This is where the adventure turned to misadventure. I saw a group of riders coming back down the road. I looked to see if I was clear and started to U-turn to ride back with them. Well I didn’t see a young lady coming quickly on a TT bike. Well a TT bike @ 18-20 mph and a Tarmac doing a U-turn= one bent rear wheel and some road rash for her. It really could have been lots worse.

I won’t know what the damage is to the wheel till later. I wonder how much $$$ it is going to cost me to get this fixed. We shall see.

So a great ride turned in to a bad day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The long awaited update

Well time to get an update in.

The week of June 7th to the 13th ended with a thud. I spent the weekend helping move the bike shop. So not rides to add for that week. Ended a streak of 8 week with over 100 miles a week by only getting 80 for the week.

Now for the week of June 14th to the 20th.

I rode Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Ended up with just 121 miles. The heat is on here in Southwest Louisiana. I had wanted to ride 45-50 miles Sunday. But pulled up short at a 32 miler. It was just really hot and humid.

I think I have hit a peak right now. I am just really tired and just can’t get thru the wall right now. I think I am going to take it easy for a few weeks. Might go to a every other day ride schedule right now. Don’t know what I will do yet. Just thinking about easing up on myself for a small break.

Work is in full swing right now too. I think that has played a factor in my malaise right now. I have been studing for some test. Took one today and passed with a 94%. One more to go and I will make a jump from a Tech 3 to Tech 4. I will be putting the nose to the grindstone and will try to get that one done by next week.

Till the next one!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Late Update

Well, a friend has sent me a note (yes that’s you Stoney) that it time that I get my blog back up to date.

The month of May was a great one for me. I rode 601 miles. That is the most I ever have rode in a month.

I was off of work on Monday 5/31. Memorial Day. I rode with a group from Sam Houston Park for 33 miles. It was a great day!

Rode the Tuesday group ride and did 27 miles.

Didn’t ride again till Saturday. I rode the Spindle Top Spin in Beaumont, TX. There was a group of folks from L.C. who made the trip over. (Stoney, Lisa, Jessica, and Craig were the group that I went with) Was a really fun time. I know that there are a few parts of that ride that I will be talking about for years to come. We did 52 miles.

My personal mileage challenge status

Miles needed 2200
Total Miles 2073
Miles behind 127

I was busy last week helping the Bike Shop move to the new location. That has keep my days riding down. This weekend is the big move. So I should get back on track next week.

I will make another post on Sunday to rap up this week.