Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well I have been busy as of late. Work is really keeping me busy. And I am racking up the miles on my car too.

Since my last post I have hit some great milestones. On August 3 I had my 1st anniversary of when I started to ride. I think back and it seems like 10 years instead of just a year. While I remember the 1st ride it seems like that was so long ago.

Well all the drama of my shoulder has made me think about things more. (Thinking can be a dangerous thing for me) But I think it has made me reflect and refocus. And not just in my cycling but in my personal life too. Changes are a coming. But change sometimes is a good thing.

As for the cycling. I have found that I have a renewed spirit and I am focused again on using cycling to lose weight. That was the whole reason to ride. Lose weight and transform myself. Some were along the way I got caught in the speed trap. While riding fast is fun, it is not the reason I need to ride for.

I have also learned to ride within my limits. My body doesn’t like the heat right now. (Most likely because I am still rather large) I have come to the fact that any temp above 92 degrees is the breaking point. Any hotter and I have to just take a leisure ride. My heart rate just jacks up way too high when it is hot.

There are many other changes that are going on in my life. But for now they will stay private. But I do feel that they are changes for the good.

Well I really need to get going. Till the next one. Later.