Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 recap

2010 Recap

Well I will have to start 2011 off better than I ended 2010 on my blog. The last half of the year I wasn’t very diligent on keeping my post up. I am going to try to keep up a once a week post this year.

So to recap 2010. I had lots of ups and downs. But all in all I am happy with the year. Lots of things have change. I started the year one way and ended up in a place I had long thought I would never be. I always try to keep most of the personal stuff out of the blog. I don’t know how others feel about being talked about. So I try to focus on me.

I did make my M.S. ride this year. It was all the challenge I had thought it would be too. I fell short on what my goal for that ride was. That is why I am going back to the same one this year and go after that mark. I know now what I have to do to prep myself to make that Century ride in San Antonio.

I rode 4060 miles in 2010. That is averaging just over 78 miles a week. It was short of the 100 miles a week I wanted. But as a friend has told me. I might have set the bar too high for my 1st year on the bike. I had my road bike for just 11 months of this year. So now I have some miles in my legs I am ready to tackle 2011.

I have already set a schedule for the year. Already have my events picked out and am going to start to prep for the MS ride in October again. October 15-16 is the dates.

So off I go for 2011.