Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to bloging!!!

Well time for the long awaited update.

The month of June really sucked for me. I messed up my shoulder. Which affected my riding. I had a wreck with another rider. Damaging my good wheel set. And all in all I hit a plateau.

Well I decided to take some time off. I did not ride my bike since 6/30. 6 days off. That is not to say I did not think about cycling.

Over the weekend of the 4th, I went to Lafayette to watch some of the local riders’ race in a Stage race over there. It was a great weekend.

I had planned not to ride till 7/7. Well I just couldn’t help myself. So I went riding tonight. Charles, Stefen, John and Lindsay and I went for a 27.6 mile ride. I was please with how I performed. My shoulder was and is a little stiff but no pain like last week.

I looked back at my log. The last time I had a 6 day break was in the 1st week of February. Don’t think that I will have another for a good while too.

Well it is late and I need to get to sleep so I can get out early and earn my paycheck to get my wheel fixed.

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