Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trying to get caught up

Well I need to get this caught up.

The Tour of Beauregard and the La Vernia Hammerfest.

The Tour of Beauregard was in Deridder, LA. The ride was suppose to be 35 but ended up being 41. It was a great ride. I liked the route and it was great to ride some new roads.

Now on to the La Vernia Hammerfest. I think they should change the name to the Sufferfest. This was by far one of the hardest rides I have ever done. The ride was in the Town of La Vernia. Which is just out of San Antonio. I chose this ride because it was in the area where the MS ride was going to be. I rode the 65 mile route. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself in to. The 1st 22 miles was into the wind and up and down hills. Boy did I learn quick how to handle hills. But the wind was made them even tougher. I took an extended break at the SAG stop. The next 16 miles to the next SAG I guess I got in to a grove. After the 2nd SAG the next 10 miles was the worst stretch of chip seal road that I have ever rode. I guess they knew what they were doing to us because the next SAG was right past that part of the road. After a break to get the feeling back in to my hands and feet I headed out. The last 16 miles was in light showers to heavy rain. The outer rain bands from Hurricane Karl that had made land fall in Mexico had come in to the area. That was some hairy riding. But boy I was glad when that was done.

The Valero Ride to the River
Left Lake Charles on Thursday and traveled to Houston to meet up with my dad. Dad was going along to provide support. Boy I was glad to have him there. We left Houston Friday morning to head to San Antonio. When we got in to the SA area we went up and scouted the 30 mile century option route. He and I made the decision that I would only ride the 70 miles on the 1st day. We went out to eat with my cousin and her husband for some great Italian food that night.
Day 1 started early at 530. Happy Birthday!!!! Your going to ride 70 miles up and down hills!!!! I was beginning to wonder what I had signed on for.
We went to the starting area. The Alamo Dome. Was a little chilly but I dressed light because I knew it was going to warm up quick. It took about 20 minutes to get out on the road. The top ten fund raising teams got to start 1st. And I was doing this solo.
Got out of SA alright. This ride has the best s upport I have ever seen. Police everywhere. It made it easy to get thru town. I never even saw the 1st SAG stop. I was rolling with a group that was making good time. That was until right at the 13 mile marker. I came to a stop with a flat tire. I was praying that this wasn’t an omen for the day. (turned out it was just fate giving me a Bday present)
I was making great time after I changed the flat. I was really surprised at how well I handled the hills. I made a quick stop at each SAG and drank and eat something to keep my energy up. Dad met me at Texas Lutheran University and we ate lunch. (That really was a mistake!!!!)

After lunch it was 23 miles to the Fairgrounds and the end of day 1. Oh the 10 miles after lunch were some of the toughest miles I ever rode. My body thought that I had finished for the day when I stopped for lunch. It was tough to get going again. I will say that when I saw the turn off for the century option I thought to myself that I know I couldn’t make that and still ride 60 the next day.
I got to the fairgrounds and Dad picked me up and I went to the hotel and enjoyed a nice long shower and watched some football. I had a great night sleep.
Day 2
Got up and going again at 530. Was surprised I wasn’t too sore. We ate breakfast and I chatted with some other cyclist that had rode the 100 miles. I was glad to have only rode the 70. We loaded up and drove to the fairgrounds for the return trip.
I was lucky and got out in the 3rd flight of riders. The start was really hard. Right out of the gate and we have to make a long climb. The real reason I wanted to get out 1st in our group was not to have to fight with slower traffic. Once we topped that hill I found a group of riders who’s pace I liked and I stayed on their wheels. I hit every SAG stop but the last one.
About half way thru I came along a group of rides that I knew that where Sun and Ski employees from Houston. I stayed with them up until the last SAG stop. I was really making great time but all that changed at 49 miles. We came to a long climb that was three separate hills but they were back to back. That was the point were I started to cramp up. That is the reason I skipped the last SAG at 54 miles. I only had 4 miles left and I didn’t know if I got off the bike if I would be able to get going again.
There was another few climbs before the Alamo Dome. And they felt like they were the Swiss Alps too. They really added insult to injury by making us climb a Rail road over pass right before we got in to the Alamo Dome parking lot. But I will say that when I felt the burst of A/C from inside the Dome it was great.
I did 130 miles in 2 day. Day 1 was 4 hours and 1 min. Day 2 was 3:30 mins. I averaged 17.5 for both days.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update time

Well I have really been slacking on keeping my blog up to date.

Things in my personal life have kept me busy as of late. I will not go in to too much details on that. Other than to say that life is good.

On the cycling front. I am starting to get back in the swing of things. August was a hard month with the heat. But I managed. September has started off good. I had 2 great rides this weekend. Yesterday I did a solo effort of 60 miles. The Grand Lake loop with a detour to Gibbstown Bridge. The weather was great. The wind could have been better but I won’t complain about that.

This morning was by far my best ride ever for speed. I hooked up with a really fast group and stayed with them for 24 miles of the GL loop. The average was over 20 mph when I pealed off. They were going for a little longer ride than I had in me. I ended up with a 18.8 average for 42 miles. By far my best ride ever in a group.

I am planning on a easy ride in the morning. Then Tuesday I am getting that pesky tooth pulled. So I Hope to be back riding Wednesday or Thursday.

Future rides that I have planned right now are: Tour of Beauregard on 9/11. The La Virna Hammer Fest in SA on the 9/18 (65 miles). Tour De Pink on 9/19 (47 miles). (That is going to be another test weekend). All of this is leading up to the MS ride on 10/9 – 10/10. With the temperatures cooling off it will make it a little easier for me to ramp up the efforts.

Well enough for now.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well I have been busy as of late. Work is really keeping me busy. And I am racking up the miles on my car too.

Since my last post I have hit some great milestones. On August 3 I had my 1st anniversary of when I started to ride. I think back and it seems like 10 years instead of just a year. While I remember the 1st ride it seems like that was so long ago.

Well all the drama of my shoulder has made me think about things more. (Thinking can be a dangerous thing for me) But I think it has made me reflect and refocus. And not just in my cycling but in my personal life too. Changes are a coming. But change sometimes is a good thing.

As for the cycling. I have found that I have a renewed spirit and I am focused again on using cycling to lose weight. That was the whole reason to ride. Lose weight and transform myself. Some were along the way I got caught in the speed trap. While riding fast is fun, it is not the reason I need to ride for.

I have also learned to ride within my limits. My body doesn’t like the heat right now. (Most likely because I am still rather large) I have come to the fact that any temp above 92 degrees is the breaking point. Any hotter and I have to just take a leisure ride. My heart rate just jacks up way too high when it is hot.

There are many other changes that are going on in my life. But for now they will stay private. But I do feel that they are changes for the good.

Well I really need to get going. Till the next one. Later.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ups and downs

I have been really slacking off lately.

Well were to start? My shoulder had really flared up. I went to a Doctor to get it checked out. Initially he thought that I had a tear in my labrum. So I had to get a MRI. So for about a week I thought that I was going to have to have surgery on my shoulder. I got a good report back from the MRI. No tear. So off to physical therapy I went. 4 weeks of it. I am currently in week 2. I am having positive results too. The pain is mostly gone. But the shoulder is still really sore.

Thru all this I did have a great ride in Katy, TX. A group from here in Lake Charles went over for the Katy Flatland ride. It was a great ride. We all rode the 40 mile route. Dad even rode it too. (Every one but Lisa, she is always being a solo Queen!!!! Hahaha She rode the 62 miler.) Was a great ride. Dad did great. He really doesn’t group ride much and we really pushed the pace on him. Jessica also did eally good. She has came leaps and bound from the 1st little 15 mile ride that I rode with her.

The physical therapy and now a dental issue have kept me off the bike since the Katy ride. But I have not got down about the situation. It is better to have a break now than to be burnt out and need ing one in September or October. I need to be hitting a peak in October. So a short break now is ok with me. Plus it is just so hot too.

I hope to get out on the bike some time later this week. Will have to see what the deal is with the dentist. My appointment is in 30 minutes. So I guess I need to wrap up this post.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to bloging!!!

Well time for the long awaited update.

The month of June really sucked for me. I messed up my shoulder. Which affected my riding. I had a wreck with another rider. Damaging my good wheel set. And all in all I hit a plateau.

Well I decided to take some time off. I did not ride my bike since 6/30. 6 days off. That is not to say I did not think about cycling.

Over the weekend of the 4th, I went to Lafayette to watch some of the local riders’ race in a Stage race over there. It was a great weekend.

I had planned not to ride till 7/7. Well I just couldn’t help myself. So I went riding tonight. Charles, Stefen, John and Lindsay and I went for a 27.6 mile ride. I was please with how I performed. My shoulder was and is a little stiff but no pain like last week.

I looked back at my log. The last time I had a 6 day break was in the 1st week of February. Don’t think that I will have another for a good while too.

Well it is late and I need to get to sleep so I can get out early and earn my paycheck to get my wheel fixed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Day!!!

Ok bad day it was.

I guess I can do a mid week update.

I rode Tuesday. Was a solid ride. Not too fast but had some good moments.

Now on to tonight’s adventure. Or misadventure.

Started off good. By the time we got to the light at McNeese St. I heard someone grumble behind me about the slow pace. We did 16-17 mph down Kirkman. So when the light changed I picked up the pace. I was only doing 18 mph. Well some how I broke away from the group. Mike G. rode up to me and asked if I was trying to make an attack this early. I found this funny. I was just trying to keep a good pace. Well he and I stayed together for most of southpark. Another rider joined up with us. Be ended up with a nice little break way. Well Mike and the other guy made a dash to catch the light at Tom Hebert and I missed the jump. But I was still off the front for a good while. I brought back to the main group past the light and stayed with them for another couple of miles. By this time they had really picked up the pace and I fell off the back. I kept a good pace by myself going down 397.

This is where the adventure turned to misadventure. I saw a group of riders coming back down the road. I looked to see if I was clear and started to U-turn to ride back with them. Well I didn’t see a young lady coming quickly on a TT bike. Well a TT bike @ 18-20 mph and a Tarmac doing a U-turn= one bent rear wheel and some road rash for her. It really could have been lots worse.

I won’t know what the damage is to the wheel till later. I wonder how much $$$ it is going to cost me to get this fixed. We shall see.

So a great ride turned in to a bad day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The long awaited update

Well time to get an update in.

The week of June 7th to the 13th ended with a thud. I spent the weekend helping move the bike shop. So not rides to add for that week. Ended a streak of 8 week with over 100 miles a week by only getting 80 for the week.

Now for the week of June 14th to the 20th.

I rode Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Ended up with just 121 miles. The heat is on here in Southwest Louisiana. I had wanted to ride 45-50 miles Sunday. But pulled up short at a 32 miler. It was just really hot and humid.

I think I have hit a peak right now. I am just really tired and just can’t get thru the wall right now. I think I am going to take it easy for a few weeks. Might go to a every other day ride schedule right now. Don’t know what I will do yet. Just thinking about easing up on myself for a small break.

Work is in full swing right now too. I think that has played a factor in my malaise right now. I have been studing for some test. Took one today and passed with a 94%. One more to go and I will make a jump from a Tech 3 to Tech 4. I will be putting the nose to the grindstone and will try to get that one done by next week.

Till the next one!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Late Update

Well, a friend has sent me a note (yes that’s you Stoney) that it time that I get my blog back up to date.

The month of May was a great one for me. I rode 601 miles. That is the most I ever have rode in a month.

I was off of work on Monday 5/31. Memorial Day. I rode with a group from Sam Houston Park for 33 miles. It was a great day!

Rode the Tuesday group ride and did 27 miles.

Didn’t ride again till Saturday. I rode the Spindle Top Spin in Beaumont, TX. There was a group of folks from L.C. who made the trip over. (Stoney, Lisa, Jessica, and Craig were the group that I went with) Was a really fun time. I know that there are a few parts of that ride that I will be talking about for years to come. We did 52 miles.

My personal mileage challenge status

Miles needed 2200
Total Miles 2073
Miles behind 127

I was busy last week helping the Bike Shop move to the new location. That has keep my days riding down. This weekend is the big move. So I should get back on track next week.

I will make another post on Sunday to rap up this week.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly recap

Well time to round up the week.

Rode Monday night. Nice easy ride 22 miles.

Tuesday I took off.

Wednesday was the Monthly TT. Almost thought it wasn't going to happen. Had some heavy thunderstorms move thru right before we started. We started late but we did start. The wind was ready strange. Was in your face just a bit on the southbound leg. On the way back it was more in your face. never really got a tail wind.

I ended up with a 18.75 average. A little slower than last month. But I am not down about it. I feel that this was my best effort yet. I was at 18.1 at the turn and had to wait on traffic to turn. Even with a slight headwind I gained time on the way back in. Not as much as I would have liked but I did gain time with the wind on my face. Also my time was 39:22. 20 seconds slower than last month. Not to worry. You can't always set personal best.

Had a great ride on Thursday. Had a great 1st section of the ride. I hung in on the front pack for 7-8 miles. We were going from 22-25 mph. Still can't keep that up for long yet. But I will get there. Ended up with 27 miles though.

Didn't ride on Friday. Went to the meet and greet for my class reunion. (20 years, scary to think about that!! lol)

Was going to ride with Ron Saturday night but some heavy weather blew in again.

This morning did a ride to the Gibbstown bridge and back. Rode with Mike G. and John V. They are both really strong riders. They pulled for me in the wind and really help me make this one of my all time best efforts. We did 52 miles at a 18.2 avg.

Personal mileage Challenge.

2100 miles needed.

Total miles for the year 1960

Miles behind 140

For the month of my so far I have rode 569 miles. This week was a light one, only 4 rides for 117 miles.

I am planning on riding tomorrow. I am hoping to get the 31 miles that I am short of making the 600 mile mark for this month. If I do get there it will be great. If I don't? No big deal. Just have to work harder next month!!!

Well enough for now.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Recap

Oh what a week!

Monday was an off day. That was a good thing. We had some heavy rain came thru that would have made a ride a bad deal.

Tuesday work lasted late so I just rode my bike up to the Shop to do the group ride. Ended up with a nice 35 mile day.

Did a nice solo ride. Rode 15 miles out on to the Island and back so ended with 30 miles total.

Thursday was a group ride again. Help Jessica with her bike (they had a tire problem) so we fell way back of the pack. Stoney and Lisa waited on McNeese and we proceeded as a group on 4. Did 23 miles.

Friday I rode from home to the Shop and met up with Charles and we rode the short route (21 mile) with the distance from home to the shop and back, I ended up with 28 miles.

Took Saturday off the bike.

This morning I got up and did the Grand Lake loop solo. Ended with 44 miles today.

Well I finished the week with a new weekly best mileage 160 miles. I am feeling really good on the bike.

Personal Mileage Challenge.

Miles needed 2000 Miles total this year 1843 Miles behind 157.

Made a big dent in the deficit for the year this week.

I am on pace to blow thru the 485 miles that I rode last month. I only need 34 miles to match that. Also this week on Wednesday is the monthly TT. So there will be some new news in the next update.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Weekly Update

Well time to wrap up the week.

Wednesday’s ride was a solo ride. It has been some time since I have been out riding solo. Ended up with 20 miles. Rode a little harder than I would have liked too. Kind of got going and just did it.

Thursday’s ride was 27 miles and was at a good pace. Was surprised that I was able to do it after riding too hard on Wednesday. Really been burning both ends of the candle lately. Between work and helping Dean at the Bike shop. Plus keeping up my riding.
Wasn’t able to ride again until Today. Went to the T-Gator Tri to help with the SAG on the bike leg. After the Tri, I rode with John, Stefan, Mike, Craig and The Megues Brothers. We did 31 miles. For them it was a easy pace. For me it was one of my fastest ever. I averaged 18.5 pace.

Riding out of Sam Houston Park was different for me. I encountered hills. (I know that they are not real hills. But going from South LC to up there it was a big difference.) I will have to try to go up that way and do some more rides.

Well on to my personal mile challenge.

Miles needed 1900 Total Miles ridden 1683 Miles Behind 217.

Only had 101 miles for the week. But I think I have been pushing it hard as of late. Hope I an have a better week this week. I have now gone 6 straight weeks with 100+ miles a week.

Well till my next post.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly Recap

Well I guess I need to get caught up.

I rode Thursday night. Did 27 miles. As usual the wind was howling. Really wasn’t the best effort. I think I was just feeling a little worn down.

I was going to ride Saturday morning but I had a bout of Allergy problems. I am thankful this year. Lots of people have been fighting them this year. I would normally be really messed up with them. I think the exercising has been the difference.

Sunday morning I rode with Big Ron. Ended up with 36 miles. Had 114 for the week.

So for my personal mileage challenge.

Miles Needed 1800 Total Miles so Far 1581 Total Behind for the Year 219

I made up 14 miles this week. Was hoping to make a bigger dent in it but such is life.

Well today was the 1st ride of the week. I only did 23 miles but I had some good moments during the ride. A friend who I ride with has a saying. “Any day you get to ride your bike is a great day” I really agree with this statement. I know that when I ride, I feel better.

Well till the next time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well I felt like making a post today.

Monday was my off day so nothing to report there. I rode the Tuesday group ride.
The plan was to just take it easy. Like that really happened. Those of us middle packers started off earlier than the Fast group. Well some of the riders from that group who would normally get dropped after Tom Hebert Rd. left with us. We started off a nice pace. 16-18 mph. When we hit Southpark we went to the 17-19 mph pace. I will say that I really was enjoying this ride.

When we got to Tom Hebert Rd a small group broke out of the front but we had a group of 8-10 of us who stayed together. We rode the 17-20 pace all the way out to Helms Rd on 397. A group of 6-7 of us turned around and headed back in. We kept the same pace. That is till the Ladies got to the front and decided to show their power, the picked the pace up to 21 mph. (Thank you Lisa!!! LMAO)

We lost the Stoney man on Lincoln Rd and Lisa dropped back with him. (Stoney is the toughest guy I have met. Nothing seems to hold this guy back!) I stayed with the group. And we kept the 17-20 pace going.

I stayed with it till Southpark. That’s where when the pace got up to over 25 mph that I fell off. I regained the group on McNeese for a easy ride back to the shop.
This was by far one of my best group rides. I enjoyed the people I was riding with and the pace was fantastic!

Last night I rode with Ron. Jessica messaged me and wanted to ride so we all rode from Ron’s house. We did an easy 23.5 mile ride. Big Ron wanted to push the pace but like I told him “save that energy for tonight’s ride”
So with that ride I have 126 mile for the month of May. (We are only 6 days into the month) and 50 miles for the week.

I am really feeling strong right now. I know that there will be low points, but right now I am making some solid gains.

Sunday I pulled up an old Email I had sent my dad back in September of last year. It was only 6 weeks in to my riding. I listed a bunch of goals. I have stuck to most of them. Some of them I have just blown clear out of the water.

I was talking to a friend on Tuesday. The said that I might have to make a higher
goal for my annual mileage goal. My response was that I won’t set a number above the 5200 miles I set. I will just beat that number in to the ground if I can do it.

One goal that I wrote about in that email was the Seattle to Portland ride. It is 202 miles. I wanted to do that in 2011. I have decided that I will do that one in 2012. But that is a ride which I will be doing!

Will be riding tonight, Saturday and Sunday. So I should make another post on Sunday with a recap of the tail end of the week.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Weekly Update

This was the gang that we Rode with. AKA Team Wall. The 2 ladies from Beaumont who rode with us gave us that name. LMAO

My dad, Big ROn and Myself before the Start of the 2010 Tour Lafitte.

Well time for an update. Where to start? This week was my best ever on the bike.

I rode 23 miles with Ron on Monday. Normally Monday is an off day. But the Monthly Time Trial that they said was going to be the 1st Wednesday of the month, is actually going to be the Last Wednesday of the month. So I make a change on the fly so I could rest Tuesday and make a good showing on the Time Trial.

Now to the time trial. Last Month I did the TT in 42M 33S. Its 20K. My average speed was 17.3.

I did this one in 39M 3S. Average speed of 18.9 mph. Dropped 3M 33S off my time. The is a long list of reasons for the improvement. New wheel set, Lots of training miles (420 miles from the last TT), better ride planning just to list a few. I was really stoked by my improvement. Can’t wait till the end of May to do it again.

I ended the month of April with 485 miles for the month. My best ever before this was 401 miles in November of last year. I could have rode Friday and broke the 500 make but I had Tour Lafitte on Saturday and the weather was going to be a issue and my dad had came in to town for the ride so I just left the 500 mile barrier up to break for another month.

Now on to the Tour. I decided early in April to ride the 40 mile route with my dad and Ron. Very glad for that decision. I had a great time. There was a group of 8 people and we stayed together for the whole 40 miles. The wind was brutal but as a group we made the ride.

This morning I capped off the best week ever on the bike. I went out on a ride with Big Ron. We rode to Boone’s Corner and back home. He ended up with 33, I rode to his house and back home so I had 35 miles. He did great!!! I know that that was his fastest ride ever. This after a very hard 40 miles yesterday in the wind at the Tour Lafitte!!! He is making great strides.

I ended the week with 140 miles in 9H 33M. My most miles and longest time ever!!! The funny thing is that I feel like I could do more! But not to worry. I will keep building up the miles.

My mileage goal update.

Week Miles Needed Miles Rode Total Miles
13 1300 79.7 960.0 -340.0
14 1400 112.6 1072.6 -327.4
15 1500 125.2 1197.8 -302.2
16 1600 129.3 1327.1 -272.9
17 1700 140.4 1467.5 -232.5

I am now only 232 miles behind of my goal. As you can see I have been hacking away at the deficit each week. At this pace I should be back on track by mid-July if not sooner. 5200 is the goal for the year.

Big Ron and I are planning a road trip to Beaumont on the 5th of June to ride the Spindle Top Spin. We will be doing the 50+ mile route. Then for July we are going to ride the Katy Flatland ride. Will most likely do 60 mile ride there.

Well enough for now.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a great week!!!

Were to start?

Will start with a weight update. Back in March my scale went out. The old on had me at 238. Well when I got on the new one I was at 247. That was a mental blow. But the good news is that I am now at 238 on the new scale. So that means that I lost 9 pounds during the last month.

Now for the bike update. Thursday nights ride was very poor. I just didn’t have anything in the tank. Not to worry. Momma always said there would be those days.

Friday was an off day. (think I needed it). Saturday’s ride was some what questionable. Really had to watch the weather. But Big Ron and I got the ride in. Just a nice easy 21 miles.

This morning was the big ride for the week. Big Ron and I did 40 miles. (That was Ron’s longest ride ever. Pace was easy for me. Big Ron suffered in the wind. But really was a good ride. (We did the Grand Lake loop).

That ride set some new milestones for me. I have broke my best mileage for a month (old best was 401) I still have 3 rides left so I will post later on the new best total. New weekly best 129 miles for the week.

Mileage Goal Update

Week 16

1600 needed

1327 miles total so far

So I am now just 273 behind for the year. Made up 29 mile this week. I love the good weather!!!

This week will be a busy one. Tour Lafitte is on Saturday. Dad will be in town on Friday.

I don’t think I will be doing another post till next Sunday. So till then.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long Week

Well time for my slacker butt to catch y’all up.

Had a great weekend on the bike.

Friday evening Big Ron (AKA The Blue Ox, From the Paul Bunion tails) did an easy 21 miles. He is still working on building his conditioning but is making progress.

Saturday evening I rode by myself and did 22 miles. Rode from my house to the Cameron parish line on Big Lake rd.

Sunday Big Ron and I made a long ride (for him) We rode to the Catholic church out in Grand Lake. 32 miles for me just 30 for Big Ron.

That put me at 125 miles on the week. My new personal best for a week.

Haven’t updated my mileage goals lately, so here it is.

Week 15
1500 miles needed.
Total so far, 1198

So I am 302 behind at this point. But I am not worried. I will get back on track.

Monday was my off day.

Last nights ride was the group ride out of the Bike shop. We did 27 miles at a 16.9 pace. Was a fun ride.

With that ride I hit another milestone. I broke 2500 total miles since I started to ride. I also have rode over a 1000 on my new bike too. The miles just keep rolling.

Tonight was an easy pace with Big Ron. We did 20 miles. I really am enjoying the company while I am riding.

Well I really need to get to sleep. Long day tomorrow.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time for a Update

Wow. Been a busy week.

Went to Houston to visit dad and do a ride over there.
We rode the Katy Ram Challenge. Did the 35 mile route. Got there early and was really surprised at the size of the crowd. There was close to 2000 riders. (might have even been over 2000) Just before the start the was a Beautiful double rainbow in the sky. (The call them Rainbows for a reason) Started the ride with a sprinkle of rain. It then turned in to a full blown rain. The 1st 12 miles was all rain. We came to the 1st SAG stop and it stopped while we were there. Thank you very much!!!

Took off from there thinking the worse was past us. We had quite a few more showers during the next 12 miles too. After leaving the 2nd SAG stop we saw the sun a little. But didn’t have any major showers on the last 11 miles.

It was great to ride with my Dad. He is coming to Lake Charles for the Tour Lafitte on May 1st. This ride will really be fun.

On Sunday my dad and I rode on the multi-use trails on the westside of Houston by the G.H. Bush resivor area. Ended up with 21.6 miles. It was a very senic route.

On the Tour Lafitte. I have decided to just ride the 40 mile route. My dad is going to ride that route. We will also have the company of Big Ron on the ride!

Big Ron has upgraded his ride to a Tarmac Comp. (His 1st ride on it was tonight!!!)

Have rode on just Tuesday and Thursday so far this week. Did 25 miles both nights. Planning on riding tomorrow night and Saturday with Big Ron.

Well I better get off to sleep. Early day tomorrow!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update time

Well life has been busy. Sorry for the long gap in my post.

Road Thursday night was a really windy night. Did 24 miles. Was still a little tired from my Time trial ride the night before.

Friday was Good Friday. I went for a ride with Big Ron. We did 15 miles. I then turned around and did another 14 for a total of 29. I know the feeling of riding alone. So I really don’t mind hanging back and staying with Big Ron.

Saturday just didn’t feel too good that morning. The seasonal allergies are kicking me some.

Sunday was Easter. Didn’t make a ride. Spent the day at Big Ron’s, and ate way too much food.

The 1st ride for this week was Tuesday’s group ride. Had a small group of five of us, Did a 23 miler at around 16.5 mph. Nice little ride. Wednesday night rode a short one with Big Ron.

Tonight was group ride night again. Ended up with 23 miles. Wind was brutal out of the Northwest. So the pace wasn’t too fast. Had to fight home.
Did have one milestone though. I hit 30 mph for the 1st time. I was shocked!!!
But it was fun.

I am traveling to Houston tomorrow. Saturday I am riding the Katy Ram Challenge with my Dad. We are only riding 35 miles. So will post early next week on how that went.

Till the next one!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monthly TT

Well did the Jolly Roger time trial tonight.

The time trial is on ward line road. We start at Hwy 14 and go to Helms Rd. It is a 12.2 mile ride.

I finished in a time of 42M 33S. Just over 17 mph average. Not too bad. The wind going out was bad. But I was happy to have the hard part be the 1st half. The ride back in was really fast.

The 1st 6 miles was hard. I started off good. But lost a lot of time during the 2nd mile. After the 3rd mile I got in to a grove and made good time. I think my time would have been lots better if I had got in to a better rhythm earlier.
When I made the turn, I dropped it in to the big ring and started to push the speed up. It was a very fast 6 miles back to the finish. My max speed showed a 26.5 mph. I love a good tail wind.

I did this on a pure road setup. No aero gear. Now I have a base line to see how my fitness progresses thru the year. I will be fun to see. They will be doing this once a month.

Well that’s it for now.

New Rider Alert!!!

Well Time for another post.

Well I enjoyed my weekend. Did not ride on Saturday or Sunday.

I relaxed and enjoyed time with friends.

I did end up with 88 miles for the week.

Friday after work I did a 25 miler. The weather down here is great right now. I plan on enjoying it. Because June, July and August are not far off and the Heat will be on.

I rode the group ride last night and pulled tail end charley for Dean so he could visit with his parents who were in town.

The most eventful thing on the ride was that Big Ron finally got off the easy chair and on a bike. Big Ron is my one of my Best Friends. He is like I was last Summer. Large and needing to get back in to shape. It is great to get Big Ron on a bike. I think that this will help me too. I know that when we get him back in to shape he and I will be doing some crazy rides.

Work (I have to do something to support my cycling addiction.) Is picking up. But the good news is looks like I will be getting some help so it shouldn’t affect my riding too much.

Well more later

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mid-week update

Sorry for the large time gap.

I was down for the count during the weekend. It’s spring and the allergies hit me so I was not in any condition to ride this weekend.

Got back on the bike Monday afternoon. Did a nice easy 21 mile ride. Tuesday was group ride night got in to a nice small group and again did 21 miles at a 15.5 pace. Weather was poor on Wednesday, so didn’t make a ride.

Rode the Group rides again tonight. Again did 21 miles. Was going to push for a longer ride but the wind was really bad out of the Northwest. So I took a shorter ride. But the pace was good. 16.2 mph. All and all it was really a good ride.

Planning on riding tomorrow and Saturday. So will post an update on Sunday.

MS-150 update. Already have had 2 sponsors!! I have 300 dollars in donations so far!! I want to get to 1000. So friend and family help me out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Group Rides & MS150

Well time for an update.

I rode Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday I rode from Capitol with a small group. It was only 23 miles but the pace was fast!!! (For me it was fast, 3 of the guys are racers so for them it was a easy pace). Was by far the fastest I have ever ridden. It was great.

Thursday I rode from Capitol again. This time I made it an easy ride. Dean is leading the beginner group. I told him I would ride with him. We had a young lady who just started to ride so we did a short 15 mile ride. Was good that I took it easy. I was still feeling the effects of my Wednesday ride.

Today I signed up for the MS 150 Ride to the River ride in October on the 9th and 10th. I am planning on making the 1st day a Century ride. I have decided to make this my 1st century. It is going to be on my birthday and I think I will remember that for a life time.

MS is a cause close to my heart. I lost my mother in 2005 after a 23 year battle with MS.

Well I will keep everyone up to date on the train up for the ride.

This is the link to my MS150 Personal Page

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weather Rant

Well good ol’ Louisiana weather strikes again. It started with a 20% chance of rain the upgraded to a 40% chance. That just means they have no clue what mother nature is going to do.

The reason for the weather rant today is because it rained yesterday. So that means the official start of group rides here in Lake Charles has been put off till Tomorrow (Thursday).

It’s a good thing I got on the bike and made a ride on Monday. Just 22 miles.
If the mother nature works with me today I will ride this evening. Hope to ride the next 3 days and Sunday. (70% chance of rain for Saturday, if the weather whinnies get it right)

There will be no weight updates this week. My scale went out on me and the replacement is due in on Monday. (Thanks to the great deal on and free shipping)

Not much else to rant about today. Just had to complain about the weather and lack of a good forecast by the weathermen.

Till the next time!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chilly Roger Pics

Well this is me. I am very adverse to Cameras. So it might be a while before you see another one.

This is my road bike.

The starting area for the 2010 Chilly Roger

Weekly Recap

Well what a week. Sorry for the lack of post.

On weight front first. I am now down to 238 pounds. That puts me at a total loss of 61 pounds now. 13 for 2010.

The week started off slow on the bike. The weather was poor. Had some fronts move thru. The 1st ride for the week was on Wednesday. I was out playing chicken with the thunderstorms. But I really wanted to get some miles in before this weekends big ride. Ended up with just over 24 miles.

Thursday was a beautiful day. I rode out south of town and ended up with just over 30 miles. But I set a new personal best for average speed. I averaged 17.1 mph for the ride.

Now for the Chilly Roger ride on Saturday.

The ride kicked off at 9 o’clock. I headed out fast. I knew that I would get dropped when we hit the wind. (The wind was out of the west/northwest and was 15+ with some really heavy gusts) As I fell back. I drop in with some different groups. But the ride became a solo suffer fest at about 24 miles in. I just couldn’t keep up the faster pace in the wind. Even in the draft it was really too much. I learned that while I have came leaps and bounds since last August, I still have a long way to go. (I am not getting down on myself here, just stating the facts)

By the time I had reached the 36 mile point in Vinton, LA. I was really wondering if I should be committed to the funny farm. I pulled into the rest stop and I ate some food and took a rest for about 20 minutes. 36 miles was the longest I have ever rode without a rest stop. And I was feeling it. After the battle with Mr. Wind I was tired.

I remounted the bike and started pushing the pedals again. The last 30 was a lot easier then the 1st 36. The wind was more of a crosswind and was on my back more too. I stayed in the big chain ring for most of the 2nd half of the ride.
There was another rest stop at the 51 mile mark but I was really in a rhythm so I just passed it up. That decision could have came back to haunt me if the ride was any longer than it was.

I started the ride with my camelback and 2 – 24oz water bottles with an electrolyte drink in them. I also drank 2 bottles at the half way point. Well at 54 miles my camelback went dry. I still had most of a bottle of the electrolyte drink still. Well at 61 miles I was completely empty of all of it. Good thing it was only 5 miles to the Finnish. (Note to self – Check the camelback when you stop some where!!!) It was a warm day 72 degrees. I am glad that that decision didn’t hurt me.

I had one other problem in the last 10 miles. I started to cramp up. I really was worried that I had started to dehydrate. (I have a had bad luck in my younger days with dehydration.) But that wasn’t the case. I really had stayed hydrated. My body was just rebelling for the torture I was inflicting on it.
I made it though. I finished in 4 hours and 10 minutes. I averaged 15.8 mph for the ride. Not too bad for going solo for 40 miles.

I have decided that I will not try a Full Century ride till the fall. I need more time and training before I am ready to attempt that feat. (They have a century ride during the MS-150 ride in October. Right around my birthday!!!)

Woke up this morning and realized I had some spots I missed with the sunscreen!!! (Another note to self – Reapply the sunscreen at the half way point!!! HAHAHA.)

Well this morning was as bad as I thought it would be. Other than the few spots that I missed with the sunscreen, I am doing good.

So lets to the weekly recap now. Not going to ride today.

Miles Needed – 1000
Total miles to date – 732.4
+ or – miles – (-267.6)

This week was my best ever total miles for a week. 121.9 in only 3 rides.
Well this Tuesday starts the Tue/Thur. group rides out of Capital. So I will start to have more to write about mid week. The time has changed so Longer days mean better chances to get a ride in.

Till the next post.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Recap

Well it’s been a relaxing week off from work.

I rode on Friday. Just a short ride. 20 miles.

I was planning on riding this morning but I woke up and I am in no shape to get on the bike this morning. Stomach feels like I am on a roller coaster. So I have decided to relax and get ready to head back to work tomorrow.

On the weight front. I am now down to 240. So a total of 59+ pounds since July. I was able to fit in size 38 pants!!! I know for a fact that the last time I did that was in 1997. So we are making some progress!!! (FYI I was in 44’s and they were getting tight on me in July of ’09.)

Next Saturday is the Chilly Roger ride. 62.5 miles.

Till the next post!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Slow Week

Well this has been a slow week.

I haven't done any riding so far. I am planning on getting on the bike tomorrow afternoon.

But just because I haven't rode doesn't mean that I have not been involved with bikes.

I am off of work this week. So I have been at the bike shop helping out. I really can say that I have a much better understanding of the mechanic's of the bike.

Still have 2 days left of helping out. So there is more learning to be done.

On a personal note away from cycling. My best friend Theron will be home this weekend for his last visit before leaving at the end of next week for a Tour in Iraq for the year. I hope all my friends and family will keep Theron and his family in their prayers for the year.

To my friend. Thank you for your service and keep your head down.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Recap

What a great week!

We will start with my weight. I am down to 242. I know that I have not been in this weight bracket since at least 1998. Maybe 1997. 96-98 was the 1st of my large weight gains. So I am getting in to an area that I haven’t been in a long time.

As for the bike. Only made 2 rides in the last part of the week. Saturday morning and this morning. Yesterday was windy and cold. Only rode 15.7 miles.
This morning was a totally different story. I rode for 64.2 miles. A new personal best. I also kept a 15.7 mph pace. It was insane. They say cycling is a suffering sport. The last 12-15 miles I felt all of the suffer. Had the wind blowing in my face and it took everything I had to finnish the ride. I felt that I was so close to braking one of my goals (ride a metric century) that I had to push to make the distance. I couldn’t come up a couple miles short.

I feel that I am ready for the Chilly Roger ride on the 13th of March now. (62.5 mile ride)

Ok time for the mileage Challenge update.

Mileage to date – 594.5

Miles needed – 800

Miles + or – (-205.5) gained 10 miles this week.

I totaled 110 miles in 3 rides this week.

I will say that it will take a few more rides till my rear end will be use to this.
I am sore right now! I am tired and sore but I am very happy too. Now I just have to work on getting ready to try a Century ride. (100 Miles) That’s the next goal to attack.

Well that is all for now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well time to make another post.

Well I forgot to hit the scale Sunday. So I got on it yesterday. I am now down to 244 pounds. So it is 55+ since July and 7 pounds for the year. Only 45 to go for this year to get to 199!!!

I find it funny when I grab clothes that just fit me last year that now are like a parachute on me. I love to dig in my closet and dresser to get old clothes that I couldn’t fit in to any more.

Started this week off right. I got done early with work on Monday and headed out for a ride. It was a great day. Mid-60’s and the sun was shining. Ended up doing 30 miles. It was great!

Now today was a different story. It was a 180 from yesterday. Overcast and cold and the wind was blowing. So no ride today.

Seeing the scale on Monday has given me more motivation. HA. I already had the motivation. Just more determination now. I know I can do this!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Recap

Well time for an update.

Only rode Saturday. I rode 51 miles at a 15.3 mph average. Not my fastest but my longest ride ever. I am trying to work up the mileage. I have the Chilly Roger ride on the 13th of March that is 62.5 miles (100K) So I am working on making sure I will make the distance.

Ok here is the mileage update.

Mileage to date – 484.5

Goal miles needed – 700

Miles + or - (-215.5) Gained 19.8 miles this week.

I totaled 116.8 miles in 4 rides.

My dad is getting back going on the bike. He rode 10 or so miles on Saturday then today he rode 36 miles. I bet he will be a little sore for the next few days. Keep at it Dad. I will be going over to Houston at the end of March!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cross Training

Well time for another update.

Wednesday I was still sore from Tuesday’s ride. So I decided not to ride. Instead I went and shot some hoops with some friends. Let me rephrase that, I attempted to play basketball. I am not a strong basketball player. I am short and fat. Not the best combination for basketball. I have never been a good basketball player. I wrestled in school. The way we played basketball was full contact.

I had some fun and did get the ball in the hoop a couple of times. And it was a different type of exercise. We played outside and I was really surprised how cold it was. While we were playing it really didn’t feel cold. But when we stopped I could feel the chill. I hope we start to get the really spring weather soon.

I managed a easy ride today. (Was still sore, basketball is hard on ya too.) Did 24.5 miles at a 15.5 mph pace. I kept the heart rate down too. Only averaged 71% of my max. I am really starting to feel comfortable on the new bike. I have got 264 miles on it now and I really am enjoying it.

I need to get 2 more rides in this week to meet my 5 rides a week goal. Hope the weather holds up.

Well enough for now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Battling the WInd

Well I guess I need to make a post.

Rode both yesterday and today. Yesterday sucked to be on a bike. I was a bit sore from Sundays ride so I planned to make it an easy ride. Well it turned in to a true suffer fest. The wind was blowing very hard. It nearly blew me in to the ditch on the side of the rode on numerous occasions. I only rode for a hour. It was bad.

Today’s ride was a little better. Still had the wind but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday. I managed 27.6 miles.

Added the cadence feature to my computer. I finally broke down and got the sensor and installed it. I think that this will help me develop a better pedal stroke. We shall see.

I am eager to see how the Chilly Roger ride goes next month. Will be my 1st metric century ride. I hope to ride 50 miles this weekend. I want to try to add some mileage every weekend leading up to the ride to make sure I am ready.

Not much else to rant about today.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Ride

Well had a great ride this morning. It started off fast. The group was averaging 19-20 mph. I was able to stay up with them for about 9-10 miles. I knew I would be falling off the back. I just don’t have the legs yet to keep that pace up. I kept the group in sight till the made the turn to the south. Then my personal battle with the wind began. I was very happy when I made the turn to the west and wasn’t riding in to the wind. I ended up with 42.6 miles and averaged 16.6 mph. That is my fastest ride ever. I was able to keep up with the group for about 3 miles longer than I did the last time so I know I made some gains. I will only get better as the year progresses and I lose some more weight.

This week I broke 1600 miles since I started back in August. Funny it doesn’t seem like that many miles.

I am going to start to do a weekly update on my goal mileage for the year. The goal is to break 5200 miles. That means I need to average 100 miles a week. So here is the 1st update.

Mileage to date – 367.7

Miles Needed – 600

Miles + or - (-232.3)

I really am not worried about the negative balance right now. I know that I will make some of that up when the weather gets better.

Well not much else to say today

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cold Ride

Well I finally got to ride again. Froze my tail off but still managed a 25 miler. I was humble by a woman the other day at the bike shop. (Just kidding)

I acquired some shoe covers and a jacket so cold weather here I am.

Louisiana got snow again. 1st in the beginning of December now in the beginning of February. Just got to love the global warming.

Planning on riding again in the morning. So I will keep this one short.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well haven’t been riding since the weekend. Cold and lots of wind. Hope to get at least one ride in this week.

Had to go to court the other day. So I pulled out the Sunday best. Most of my Sunday best were bought back in 1999. My best friend’s brother was getting married and his mom had a dress code to adhere to. The Sunday best had been very tight for the past decade. Very tight.

To my surprise, when I got dressed the pants were loose!!! So that means that I am equal to or a bit smaller than back in 1999. WOW!

Well I love this.

Well not much else going on for now.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, I only rode on Saturday morning. It was windy and cold. I was planning on riding on Sunday but I woke up to 35 degrees and a sore hamstring. As I has said before I am not equipped to ride in the cold this year. I don’t want to waste money on clothing that I will not fit in to this next fall.

The weather forecast for the week is not looking too good to get much riding done. Looks like I will be back in the gym.

Saturday was nice. My dad and his wife passed thru Lake Charles. He and I got to talk cycling. I am planning a trip to Houston in March to go ride with him. Also started to make plans to ride the MS ride in October out of San Antonio.

Doing a MS ride is very important to me. I will make the ride in the memory of my mother. I know she would be glad to see me getting healthy. If she was here she would have been on my case more than my dad or grandma ever was. Mom had an iron will.

Sunday was a nice day. Spent time with my sister and her family. Watched the Super Bowl. I will say that game was one of the best Super Bowls I have ever watched. Still can’t believe the Saint’s have won a Super Bowl.

Well enough for now.

Friday, February 5, 2010



Well the rain has passed for now. So out I go to put some miles on the new ride. Did 26 miles this evening. Just made it in before it got dark. Planning on making a ride tomorrow and Sunday. (Mondays forecast is for rain again)

Starting to feel a little more comfortable on the new bike. I know it’s going to take a few more weeks to really get the true feel. But I really am enjoying riding this bike. After my spill back in October, my wrist has always hurt while I rode. On the new bike it really hasn’t been a issue. The carbon bars and on the bike really have dampened the road vibration so no issue with the wrist.

Well time for my weekly weight report. I am now at 247 pounds. So now a total of 52+ pounds lost. 48 to go for 2010. I can say that I can not remember being in this weight range in the past decade. My 42 waist pants are hanging on me. I can fit in to 40 waist cloths now . That hasn’t happen since the late 90’s.

My body is getting use to the new vitamins and the diet change. But for now it seems like it is going good. I haven’t had any wild cravings to eat and splurge.

Well that’s it for now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The "D" Word

Well not much to write about cycling today. Been raining since last night. So no ride today.

Instead I will write about the dreaded “D” word. Diet.
I haven’t been following a specific diet plan. I always fail when I do. This time I am eating mindful. I am eating smaller portions and trying to avoid the bad stuff. I have also been drink a lot more water and less sodas. (I don’t think I can ever give then up completely.)

Well it worked well so far. But I have hit a wall. So I am revamping the diet again. I am adding more green stuff. (salads to be exact) I am trying to only eat a salad for dinner. I am hoping that by not eating a have meal at dinner it can help me get past the wall I am at.

Well 5 days in and I am starting to like this. It’s really affordable to hit the supermarket and shop for salad fixing’s.
I will see how this new approach works.

I just thought of something cycling to put in this post.
I just got a new rack for my car! I am ready to hit the road! I bought a Saris Thelma rack. It allows me to carry 2 bikes and it holds them by the wheels and not the frame. Very important because carrying a carbon bike by the frame is no good. So now I will have to make the trip to Houston and ride over there with my dad.

Well enough for today.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's Ramble

Well time for my daily rambling.

Yesterday’s ride was ok. Did 23 miles at a 15.5 mph pace. Still getting use to the bike. I am working on my shifting. She shifts really smooth. I am not use to that.

The war with Mr. Wind continues. It was fairly calm most of the day. Till I got on the bike. The new bike makes cutting thru the wind easier but it’s still feels like I have a brake hung up!

Won’t be getting out till Friday. The rain has moved in. Weather forecast is for a clear and cool weekend. Should get some miles in.

Not much else to say today. Will go to the gym tomorrow.

Till the next post!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little rambling and some backround

Well the rain spoiled any chance of a ride yesterday.

I figured that I have some stuff I want to put to paper so I might as well make a post.

A little background on how I let myself get in to the poor shape I am in. Thru out high school I was always involved in sports. I mostly wrestled. And I don’t mean just at the high school. I trained and competed year round. All of that ended after my junior year. I moved to Louisiana and was at a school that didn’t have wrestling.

After I graduated I joined the Army. I was an Infantryman. We did PT every day. Took long walks in the woods and spent long amounts of time out doing other training. Thru this I was always active. But it is also hard on the body. In 1995 I tore up my knee. (Again!!! Messed up the right one in 1991 at Airborne School, this time the left one) Well after they did surgery to clean that mess up, I was told that I would have to be reclassified. I just wasn’t going to be the same after the knee injuries. Well I took the other option, they Medically discharged me. I needed a new start. (I was in the middle of a divorce)

So in February 1996 I was discharged.

I know that between that and the divorce it took a mental toll on me. I drifted and I continued to eat like I was as active as I was for the past 6 years. I also drank way too much.

I rechanneled my drive to be in control and be the best to my work. I was a fast burner. I moved up the latter at work quickly. But the job was very stressful. I never ate right and was always drinking too much too. I never made time to go workout. It was too hard, so I took the cop out.

Well I finally realized that I couldn’t continue the stress load. I also got tired of feeling like crap because of drinking. So there started some changes. I left the stressful job and drifted for a while until I got hire to my current job. During the drifting time I just never realized what I need to do.

Then it hit me when I saw the scale maxed out.

So there the journey began. August of 2009 was the start. Where it will end is really up to me and me alone. While I have great support from friends and family, it is still up to me. It is up to me to keep riding and working.

I took the time to look up what the Army regulations say someone of my age and height can weigh. It is 178 pounds. So I have decided that my ultimate goal is 180.

But that is a large chunk to lose. So I have made some short term goals. I am taking this 10 pound at a time. Right now I am at 249. So the goal for now is 239. Then it will be 229 and so on.

My goal for 2010 is to get to 199. But I will not stress out if I don’t get there. I will be happy with whatever I weigh on December 31, 2010. So long as I am working at losing more. I know that it will not come off over night. It was 13 year of neglect that got me here. So I know that I will have to work at it to lose it.
That is the biggest difference between this journey and my other attempts to lose weight. I was always looking for the quick fix. There is no quick fix. Its hard work and changing your lifestyle. It is a journey.

Well that’s just a little background and some thoughts and goals.

I am a talkative person. I can ramble on endlessly. Also my grammar isn’t the best either.

So there is my ramble for the day!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Recap

End of the month recap.

Well January started off really cold. I didn’t get to get out on the road until the 12th. Even then it was hit or miss on getting multiple rides in. So the training total for the month was 227 miles.

The biggest new is that I picked up my road bike. I only got to ride it twice this month. (Picked it up on the 29th) I have a feeling that the miles will start to add up quickly now!!!

I made my 1st group ride today. I loved it!!! It started of really fast. Too fast really for me. About 5 miles in I was dropped. The wind was just too much for me to keep the pace up. 2 guys dropped back with me (Thank you John and Craig!!!) We kept an 18 mph pace until about 7-8 miles from the end. That is when I gassed out. So end up with just over a 16 mph pace. The ride was a total of 42.6 miles for me. Not my longest but certainly the fastest I had ever ridden.

The future is looking really bright. I learned a lot today. But all and all it was a fun ride. Was a little cold but I have been thru worse.

Till the next ride!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bad weather day/ Thanks to Friends

Well today sucks. Its cold and the wind is blowing.

Was hoping it would warm up a little and the sun would come out.

Don't see makeing a ride today. Not equiped to ride in this weather. I don't want to waste money this winter on gear I might not fit next year.

I really have to say Thank you to some people.

Dean at Capitol Cyclery.

John and Stephan. The wrenchs at Capitol.

Some friends from work. Ramona and Stacy

Theron, my best friend.

My dad for putting up with me.

And to all the others who have given me support.

Thank you all again for your help.

Friday, January 29, 2010

All caught up!!!

Chapter 6

December. I started the month at 257 pounds. The weather here in SW Louisiana turned cold and wet. We also had the earliest snow ever. (So much for Global Warming!!!)

I only got to ride outside 3 times for just over 78 miles. It sucked!!!
I did end 2009 in a great fashion. I rode on the 31st.

So to continue to do some training I went to the gym. There I did elliptical and Spin classes. Plus also did some weight lifting. I plan to continue the weights but will still focus on my cycling outdoors.

I ended 2009 @ 252 pounds. So I lost 47 pounds total for the year. 1460 miles for the year.

2010 goals.
Get my weight down to 199 pounds. 53 pounds for the year.

Want to ride:

A century ride (100 miles)

Meteric Century (62.5 miles / 100 KM)

Ride a 2 day ride (Think I am going to try the Ride to the River MS ride in TX. )

I want to ride 5200 miles this year.

January 2010

A new year and a new me.

I have big goals for this year.

I have Finally got back out on the road. The 1st half of the month was brutally
cool. Set some record lows. (Again, Global Warming at work! HAHA)

Ok well this will catch me up. I will be just posting as I go alone and will have a monthly recap post too.

The New Bike

Well today was the day. I picked up my new bike!!!

Been a long time coming. Mid-September I made the choice to by my bike. I brought her home today!!!

She came home really fitted out too. Due to me need to tinker. My bike is mostly Shimano Ultegra. On a spur of the moment decision. I changed from a Shimano 105 Rear derailleur to a Dura-Ace. Dean was out running some errands and I had too much time to look around and saw the Dura-Ace sitting in the counter.

So you know I had to make a ride. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I just had to take out my new toy and play. Despite a cold front moving thru.
Well I took off and it was amazing. No vibration. The shifters were awesome. It was fast!!!.

I road 15.5 miles at a 14.5 mph pace. While this was not a record pace for me. It was a record considering that the wind was howling @ 18 mph and with gust up to 25+ mph.

I will have to continue to write about riding the new bike.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

November!!! Started the month @ 262 pounds.
I really stepped it up this month. I broke all kinds of personal best.
I made my 1st two hour ride. Then I made my 1st 3 hour ride. Personal best distance was 45 miles.
I also broke the 14 mph average speed on a ride too.
It also marked the start of the holidays. That in it self was going to make it harder to lose weight.
But I did make some improvement.
I finished November with 402 miles. Also a personal best.
Finished @ 257 pounds. So another 5 pounds off.
Here is the log:

11/2/2009 20 Mile 1:28:00
11/3/2009 16.2 Mile 1:17:00
11/5/2009 21 Mile 1:32:00
11/7/2009 32.2 Mile 2:33:00
11/9/2009 20 Mile 1:34:00
11/11/2009 26 Mile 2:01:00
11/12/2009 11 Mile 0:50:00
11/13/2009 20.2 Mile 1:26:00
11/15/2009 25.2 Mile 2:05:00
11/16/2009 20 Mile 1:40:00
11/17/2009 23.2 Mile 1:50:00
11/19/2009 25.3 Mile 1:56:00
11/22/2009 44.75 Mile 3:18:00
11/25/2009 25.2 Mile 1:56:00
11/27/2009 26.2 Mile 1:54:00
11/29/2009 45.3 Mile 3:20:00

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The great month of October!!! And why is it great??? Well it’s my birthday!!! (Not really great anymore! Just another year older!!! HAHA)
I started the month @ 269 pounds. And I was really on a roll. In the 1st week I made my longest rides to date 25.2 and 24.2 miles. I was tearing up the pavement!!!
Due to some issues at work I took a week of right after my birthday. I was primed up to really put down some miles. But Mr. Murphy reached out and kicked down.
On that 1st day of my vacation, I had a wreck. It was early in the morning and it had rained over night. I was 10 miles in to what I was hoping was going to be a 30 mile ride. Well wouldn’t you know it but a Rail road track reached up and threw me down! Not really. While crossing the tracks, which were still slick from the rain, my front tire dropped in to the crack. I was going about 15 mph at the time. RR track + wheel in crack = Jack flying off of bike!!!. Must have been quite the sight, A short fat guy flying.
I can say that when something like this happens it’s like watching TV in slow-mo. It took forever to hit the ground. I was thinking that this was really going to hurt. But God takes care of fools. (And I am one of the biggest fools) I had a large patch of road rash on my shoulder. A goose egg bump on my forearm, a cut up hand, and a large bump on my knee.
My shirt was a total loss, so was my gloves. My bar ends were trashed and I couldn’t pedal my bike. Somehow the front derailleur got knock out of place. I was planning on riding home but when I couldn’t pedal I had to suck up my pride and call for a ride. Thanks to my Bother in law Derrick for coming to rescue me!!!
After I cleaned up some. I painfully loaded my bike on my car and took it to the Bike shop to get everything fixed!!!. I didn’t want to miss any rides! When I got to the shop and told Dean what had happen. He was worried I might have damaged my collarbone. My shoulder really was smarting by then. So I proceed to text my sister who worked for a Ortho. She got me in that afternoon. X-rays were negative. But boy my shoulder and wrist are still not the same to this day.
New bar ends, new gloves and Doctor copay = 85 bucks.
Could have been worse. Learned a big lesson. Slow down for Railroad tracks!!!!
I took the next day off. I felt like a train had ran over me. But come Wednesday morning I was back out on the road!!! I went right back the same way and went right over those railroad tracks!!! I couldn’t let them beat me!!! HAHA
On the 18th my dad came to town and brought his bike!!! He and I went out and did a Sunday morning ride. It was great!!!
I continued for the rest of the month here is my log:

10/2/2009 25.2 Mile 2:03:00
10/4/2009 24.2 Mile 1:59:00
10/5/2009 23 Mile 1:49:00
10/7/2009 16.4 Mile 1:16:00
10/8/2009 20 Mile 1:44:00
10/12/2009 10 Mile 0:45:00
10/14/2009 15.2 Mile 1:14:00
10/15/2009 20.1 Mile 1:35:00
10/16/2009 19 Mile 1:37:00
10/18/2009 17.1 Mile 1:17:00
10/19/2009 11.4 Mile 1:00:00
10/20/2009 20.4 Mile 1:32:00
10/23/2009 17 Mile 1:25:00
10/24/2009 18 Mile 1:20:00
10/27/2009 20.3 Mile 1:34:00
10/28/2009 23 Mile 1:55:00

Just over 300 miles. I ended the month @ 262 pounds, so only 7 pounds this month.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I survived the first month!!!. At the end of August I weighed 281 pounds. I can not truly say how much I weighed over 299. So I started there. So 18 pounds since the middle of July.

Not to bad of a start. I went in to Labor day weekend looking to make some rides. Well I found out what happens when you ride and are not prepared. I was riding and I heard a popping sound. Well I blew out 2 spokes on my back wheel. Now this didn’t happen by the house. No, I was 6 miles from the house. So limp home I did. I was desperate to continue to ride. I was feeling good and I didn’t want to stop. This was on a Sunday. Well no shops here local were open. Monday the local shop was closed so I checked in Beaumont and they were open. I drove over and got my wheel fixed so I could ride that afternoon. It wasn’t cheep either.

The month of September rolled by. I made at least 5 rides a week. Some times I rode 6 days. I was loving my time on my bike. I really can’t explain how I felt while I was riding. I started to be more focused. I was sleeping better. My energy level was just going up and up.

I started to make longer rides. My longest of September was 22 miles in 1H 46M. Came a long way from that 1st ride of 3 miles in 30 minutes.

My total mileage for September was 356 miles. I weighted 269 pounds then. So 30 pounds total. 12 pounds for the month.

After that 1st broke spoke I continued to have spokes break. Dean had to change so many spoke that he cried when he sent the wheel back to Specialized. They replaced my bad wheel with one that was a little beefier. I haven’t had a problem since either!!! Thank you Dean!!

As these first 2 months passed I continued to eat, breath and live to ride. I stayed on the internet. Looking up info and trying to educate myself. I also became a regular to stop and shoot the bull at the bike shop. Dean and the guys who always ask how it was going and that help me stay motivated. I also started to think about buying a true road bike.

At first I said I would get one in the spring. The logic behind that was that by then I would have lost enough weight that the smaller tires and rim could hold me. As I educated my self I realized that they could hold me now. So I when from a May window to I would look around February.
Well on my trip to Beaumont to get my wheel fixed. They had a bike that I liked there. They asked if I would like to test ride it. I took it out for a short spin. I realized that I had to get on a true road bike.

That week I went to the shop and sat there and waited for Dean to get free to talk about a bike that I liked that he had. People kept coming in and I just kept waiting. Dean didn’t realize I was there to talk some business. I would have waited longer too.

He had a Specialized Tarmac Pro bike. Just my size too. The bike has a story too. (Just like me!) It was built there at the shop for a loyal customer. One problem. It was one size too small. It had been sitting most of the year. (Waiting for me to show up. I think!)

After talking with Dean I decided to think about it. For those who don’t know. Top end road bikes can start in the $2000 up to 15 to 20,000 dollars. Buy one is a financial commitment.
Well I decided to make the commitment. Dean said at the time that it would act like a carrot. I have been thinking and waiting to get this bike. It has made me stay the course too.

September was like a dam breaking. 2 months and I was still going.

September’s log

9/1/2009 11.7 Mile 1:01:00
9/3/2009 9.5 Mile 0:49:00
9/4/2009 11.5 Mile 0:58:00
9/6/2009 17 Mile 1:38:00
9/7/2009 11.5 Mile 1:05:00
9/8/2009 11.5 Mile 0:58:00
9/9/2009 11.5 Mile 1:00:00
9/11/2009 9.5 Mile 0:50:00
9/12/2009 13.5 Mile 1:12:00
9/13/2009 9.5 Mile 1:04:00
9/14/2009 15.5 Mile 1:26:00
9/15/2009 15 Mile 1:24:00
9/17/2009 13.5 Mile 1:09:00
9/18/2009 13.5 Mile 1:04:00
9/20/2009 22 Mile 1:46:00
9/21/2009 18.1 Mile 1:35:00
9/23/2009 19 Mile 1:36:00
9/24/2009 20 Mile 1:36:00
9/25/2009 15 Mile 1:11:00
9/27/2009 18.2 Mile 1:27:00
9/28/2009 20.2 Mile 1:37:00
9/29/2009 20.2 Mile 1:35:00
9/30/2009 20.2 Mile 1:42:00

Well that’s enough for now.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

So off to capitol I went. I was looking a some mountain bikes. I didn’t feel that a road bike could hold up under my excess weight. Dean talked to me and I started to buy a Specialized Hardrock. It was an entry level recreational mountain bike. But from the time I 1st looked to the time I came back to buy it and take it home I had changed my mind and I went the next level up with a Rockhopper.

August 3 was the day. I brought my bike home and got ready for my 1st ride. That was an adventure in itself. I rode a whopping 3 miles in 30 minute. I felt like I was going to die. I did start to do one thing. I used an online workout log from to track my rides.

That week I rode my bike five times for 22.4 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes. My body felt like hell and I was ready to quit.

One of my biggest critics of my weight had been my Dad’s mom. Grandma Maxcell was a tough woman. She didn’t believe in sugar coating things. She would tell me “looks like you gain some more weight”. I lost her to cancer in 2002. She was like my mother. (My mother suffered with MS for 23 years and had very bad dementia) Her loss really left a hole there for someone to keep me in check.

After her passing my Dad took up that banner. He was always on me about losing weight. When my dad gets on me about things the Jackass in me comes out. I dig in my heels and I fight like hell. I know he just wanted the best for me. But I am a very stubborn person sometimes. Pig headed too.

So with that background I will continue. I started to text message my dad with ride reports. I also included one of my best friend’s Theron. I figured a little accountability would help keep me going.

My dad has been riding bikes since the early 1990’s. He really surprised me this time. I have tried many time to lose weight. Only to drop it when times got hard. This time he has been a big advocate and when I forgot to text him for a couple of days with my ride info he would check up on me by texting me back by saying “You going to ride today?” He also had been on a break from riding and he started to ride again so he would start to text me with his ride info.

Theron and I met at Fort Riley Kansas in the winter of 1992. He and I became roommates. Little did I know that a friendship would form which has be a gift from god to me. Theron is my anchor. He will support me and ground me when I get way out there. He knew the way I use to be. I was 165 pounds while I was in the Army. So he too has been a regular text report too.
I know that both my dad and Theron both thought “how long will this last?” But they have both supported me. I to them I am very grateful for their support.

Another person who has become part of my support group has been Dean at the bike shop. I know Dean was like my dad and Theron. How long will this one last. Dean has been there to answer the endless stream of questions I have and to give me advice on how to train better. He has also become someone I can talk to about this journey I am on.

As some can tell I can ramble on about things. But I feel I need to document this journey I am on. So just bear with me!

The month of August was very hard. Here is my training log for that month.

8/3/2009 3.00 Mile 0:30:00
8/4/2009 4.25 Mile 0:34:00
8/5/2009 3.35 Mile 0:26:00
8/7/2009 4.50 Mile 0:30:00
8/9/2009 7.25 Mile 0:45:00
8/10/2009 8.50 Mile 0:45:00
8/12/2009 6.25 Mile 0:31:00
8/13/2009 7.30 Mile 0:33:00
8/15/2009 10.25 Mile 0:55:00
8/17/2009 5.75 Mile 0:30:00
8/18/2009 7.50 Mile 0:37:00
8/19/2009 11.40 Mile 1:00:00
8/21/2009 6.25 Mile 0:30:00
8/23/2009 9.75 Mile 0:50:00
8/25/2009 7.80 Mile 0:39:00
8/26/2009 7.80 Mile 0:38:00
8/27/2009 7.80 Mile 0:40:00
8/28/2009 7.80 Mile 0:38:00
8/30/2009 11.70 Mile 0:58:00
8/31/2009 9.50 Mile 0:49:00

Not really setting the world on fire but I was up and I was finally moving.

Well enough for now.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Begining

Here is chapter one.

It was Mid-July 2009. I am standing on my scale and see 299 pounds. Could be worse, I thought. Then I realize that the scale didn’t go any higher than 299. I woke up everyday in pain. I couldn’t eat spicy food. (Here in SW Louisiana that just sucks!!!) I was well on my way to a heart attack.

I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t run. It hurt too damn much. I need to do some sort of exercise.

I had followed cycling from afar. Growing up I remember watching Greg Lemond win his 1st Tour de France. I rode my bike while I was growing up. I remember watching Lance Armstrong rewrite the record book of the Tour by winning 7 straight. But I just never found the time to exercise. I always let the events of the day take over my wellness. Had to get my sleep, too busy at work. Those were just a few of the excuses I used.

I was watching TV and saw that the Tour was on TV. I remembered that Lance Armstrong was making a comeback, so I tuned in and watched.

They kept talking about his age. I thought “He isn’t that old”. Lance is not even a month older than I am. (21 days to be exact) I thought to myself “Look what this man is doing!” Here I am fat and out of shape. I then realized that there is no excuse for me to be this way.

I remembered that I did own a bike. I didn’t know what kind of shape it was in. But I thought “Riding a bike would be good for me”. I went and checked on my bike. It was a mess. No way it was going to be ridden. Not with out lots of work.

I then remembered that I knew the guy who owned our local bike shop. Capitol Cyclery. I knew Dean thru my best friend’s brother.

So off to Capitol I went.