Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well time to make another post.

Well I forgot to hit the scale Sunday. So I got on it yesterday. I am now down to 244 pounds. So it is 55+ since July and 7 pounds for the year. Only 45 to go for this year to get to 199!!!

I find it funny when I grab clothes that just fit me last year that now are like a parachute on me. I love to dig in my closet and dresser to get old clothes that I couldn’t fit in to any more.

Started this week off right. I got done early with work on Monday and headed out for a ride. It was a great day. Mid-60’s and the sun was shining. Ended up doing 30 miles. It was great!

Now today was a different story. It was a 180 from yesterday. Overcast and cold and the wind was blowing. So no ride today.

Seeing the scale on Monday has given me more motivation. HA. I already had the motivation. Just more determination now. I know I can do this!!!

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