Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Recap

End of the month recap.

Well January started off really cold. I didn’t get to get out on the road until the 12th. Even then it was hit or miss on getting multiple rides in. So the training total for the month was 227 miles.

The biggest new is that I picked up my road bike. I only got to ride it twice this month. (Picked it up on the 29th) I have a feeling that the miles will start to add up quickly now!!!

I made my 1st group ride today. I loved it!!! It started of really fast. Too fast really for me. About 5 miles in I was dropped. The wind was just too much for me to keep the pace up. 2 guys dropped back with me (Thank you John and Craig!!!) We kept an 18 mph pace until about 7-8 miles from the end. That is when I gassed out. So end up with just over a 16 mph pace. The ride was a total of 42.6 miles for me. Not my longest but certainly the fastest I had ever ridden.

The future is looking really bright. I learned a lot today. But all and all it was a fun ride. Was a little cold but I have been thru worse.

Till the next ride!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bad weather day/ Thanks to Friends

Well today sucks. Its cold and the wind is blowing.

Was hoping it would warm up a little and the sun would come out.

Don't see makeing a ride today. Not equiped to ride in this weather. I don't want to waste money this winter on gear I might not fit next year.

I really have to say Thank you to some people.

Dean at Capitol Cyclery.

John and Stephan. The wrenchs at Capitol.

Some friends from work. Ramona and Stacy

Theron, my best friend.

My dad for putting up with me.

And to all the others who have given me support.

Thank you all again for your help.

Friday, January 29, 2010

All caught up!!!

Chapter 6

December. I started the month at 257 pounds. The weather here in SW Louisiana turned cold and wet. We also had the earliest snow ever. (So much for Global Warming!!!)

I only got to ride outside 3 times for just over 78 miles. It sucked!!!
I did end 2009 in a great fashion. I rode on the 31st.

So to continue to do some training I went to the gym. There I did elliptical and Spin classes. Plus also did some weight lifting. I plan to continue the weights but will still focus on my cycling outdoors.

I ended 2009 @ 252 pounds. So I lost 47 pounds total for the year. 1460 miles for the year.

2010 goals.
Get my weight down to 199 pounds. 53 pounds for the year.

Want to ride:

A century ride (100 miles)

Meteric Century (62.5 miles / 100 KM)

Ride a 2 day ride (Think I am going to try the Ride to the River MS ride in TX. )

I want to ride 5200 miles this year.

January 2010

A new year and a new me.

I have big goals for this year.

I have Finally got back out on the road. The 1st half of the month was brutally
cool. Set some record lows. (Again, Global Warming at work! HAHA)

Ok well this will catch me up. I will be just posting as I go alone and will have a monthly recap post too.

The New Bike

Well today was the day. I picked up my new bike!!!

Been a long time coming. Mid-September I made the choice to by my bike. I brought her home today!!!

She came home really fitted out too. Due to me need to tinker. My bike is mostly Shimano Ultegra. On a spur of the moment decision. I changed from a Shimano 105 Rear derailleur to a Dura-Ace. Dean was out running some errands and I had too much time to look around and saw the Dura-Ace sitting in the counter.

So you know I had to make a ride. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I just had to take out my new toy and play. Despite a cold front moving thru.
Well I took off and it was amazing. No vibration. The shifters were awesome. It was fast!!!.

I road 15.5 miles at a 14.5 mph pace. While this was not a record pace for me. It was a record considering that the wind was howling @ 18 mph and with gust up to 25+ mph.

I will have to continue to write about riding the new bike.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

November!!! Started the month @ 262 pounds.
I really stepped it up this month. I broke all kinds of personal best.
I made my 1st two hour ride. Then I made my 1st 3 hour ride. Personal best distance was 45 miles.
I also broke the 14 mph average speed on a ride too.
It also marked the start of the holidays. That in it self was going to make it harder to lose weight.
But I did make some improvement.
I finished November with 402 miles. Also a personal best.
Finished @ 257 pounds. So another 5 pounds off.
Here is the log:

11/2/2009 20 Mile 1:28:00
11/3/2009 16.2 Mile 1:17:00
11/5/2009 21 Mile 1:32:00
11/7/2009 32.2 Mile 2:33:00
11/9/2009 20 Mile 1:34:00
11/11/2009 26 Mile 2:01:00
11/12/2009 11 Mile 0:50:00
11/13/2009 20.2 Mile 1:26:00
11/15/2009 25.2 Mile 2:05:00
11/16/2009 20 Mile 1:40:00
11/17/2009 23.2 Mile 1:50:00
11/19/2009 25.3 Mile 1:56:00
11/22/2009 44.75 Mile 3:18:00
11/25/2009 25.2 Mile 1:56:00
11/27/2009 26.2 Mile 1:54:00
11/29/2009 45.3 Mile 3:20:00

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The great month of October!!! And why is it great??? Well it’s my birthday!!! (Not really great anymore! Just another year older!!! HAHA)
I started the month @ 269 pounds. And I was really on a roll. In the 1st week I made my longest rides to date 25.2 and 24.2 miles. I was tearing up the pavement!!!
Due to some issues at work I took a week of right after my birthday. I was primed up to really put down some miles. But Mr. Murphy reached out and kicked down.
On that 1st day of my vacation, I had a wreck. It was early in the morning and it had rained over night. I was 10 miles in to what I was hoping was going to be a 30 mile ride. Well wouldn’t you know it but a Rail road track reached up and threw me down! Not really. While crossing the tracks, which were still slick from the rain, my front tire dropped in to the crack. I was going about 15 mph at the time. RR track + wheel in crack = Jack flying off of bike!!!. Must have been quite the sight, A short fat guy flying.
I can say that when something like this happens it’s like watching TV in slow-mo. It took forever to hit the ground. I was thinking that this was really going to hurt. But God takes care of fools. (And I am one of the biggest fools) I had a large patch of road rash on my shoulder. A goose egg bump on my forearm, a cut up hand, and a large bump on my knee.
My shirt was a total loss, so was my gloves. My bar ends were trashed and I couldn’t pedal my bike. Somehow the front derailleur got knock out of place. I was planning on riding home but when I couldn’t pedal I had to suck up my pride and call for a ride. Thanks to my Bother in law Derrick for coming to rescue me!!!
After I cleaned up some. I painfully loaded my bike on my car and took it to the Bike shop to get everything fixed!!!. I didn’t want to miss any rides! When I got to the shop and told Dean what had happen. He was worried I might have damaged my collarbone. My shoulder really was smarting by then. So I proceed to text my sister who worked for a Ortho. She got me in that afternoon. X-rays were negative. But boy my shoulder and wrist are still not the same to this day.
New bar ends, new gloves and Doctor copay = 85 bucks.
Could have been worse. Learned a big lesson. Slow down for Railroad tracks!!!!
I took the next day off. I felt like a train had ran over me. But come Wednesday morning I was back out on the road!!! I went right back the same way and went right over those railroad tracks!!! I couldn’t let them beat me!!! HAHA
On the 18th my dad came to town and brought his bike!!! He and I went out and did a Sunday morning ride. It was great!!!
I continued for the rest of the month here is my log:

10/2/2009 25.2 Mile 2:03:00
10/4/2009 24.2 Mile 1:59:00
10/5/2009 23 Mile 1:49:00
10/7/2009 16.4 Mile 1:16:00
10/8/2009 20 Mile 1:44:00
10/12/2009 10 Mile 0:45:00
10/14/2009 15.2 Mile 1:14:00
10/15/2009 20.1 Mile 1:35:00
10/16/2009 19 Mile 1:37:00
10/18/2009 17.1 Mile 1:17:00
10/19/2009 11.4 Mile 1:00:00
10/20/2009 20.4 Mile 1:32:00
10/23/2009 17 Mile 1:25:00
10/24/2009 18 Mile 1:20:00
10/27/2009 20.3 Mile 1:34:00
10/28/2009 23 Mile 1:55:00

Just over 300 miles. I ended the month @ 262 pounds, so only 7 pounds this month.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I survived the first month!!!. At the end of August I weighed 281 pounds. I can not truly say how much I weighed over 299. So I started there. So 18 pounds since the middle of July.

Not to bad of a start. I went in to Labor day weekend looking to make some rides. Well I found out what happens when you ride and are not prepared. I was riding and I heard a popping sound. Well I blew out 2 spokes on my back wheel. Now this didn’t happen by the house. No, I was 6 miles from the house. So limp home I did. I was desperate to continue to ride. I was feeling good and I didn’t want to stop. This was on a Sunday. Well no shops here local were open. Monday the local shop was closed so I checked in Beaumont and they were open. I drove over and got my wheel fixed so I could ride that afternoon. It wasn’t cheep either.

The month of September rolled by. I made at least 5 rides a week. Some times I rode 6 days. I was loving my time on my bike. I really can’t explain how I felt while I was riding. I started to be more focused. I was sleeping better. My energy level was just going up and up.

I started to make longer rides. My longest of September was 22 miles in 1H 46M. Came a long way from that 1st ride of 3 miles in 30 minutes.

My total mileage for September was 356 miles. I weighted 269 pounds then. So 30 pounds total. 12 pounds for the month.

After that 1st broke spoke I continued to have spokes break. Dean had to change so many spoke that he cried when he sent the wheel back to Specialized. They replaced my bad wheel with one that was a little beefier. I haven’t had a problem since either!!! Thank you Dean!!

As these first 2 months passed I continued to eat, breath and live to ride. I stayed on the internet. Looking up info and trying to educate myself. I also became a regular to stop and shoot the bull at the bike shop. Dean and the guys who always ask how it was going and that help me stay motivated. I also started to think about buying a true road bike.

At first I said I would get one in the spring. The logic behind that was that by then I would have lost enough weight that the smaller tires and rim could hold me. As I educated my self I realized that they could hold me now. So I when from a May window to I would look around February.
Well on my trip to Beaumont to get my wheel fixed. They had a bike that I liked there. They asked if I would like to test ride it. I took it out for a short spin. I realized that I had to get on a true road bike.

That week I went to the shop and sat there and waited for Dean to get free to talk about a bike that I liked that he had. People kept coming in and I just kept waiting. Dean didn’t realize I was there to talk some business. I would have waited longer too.

He had a Specialized Tarmac Pro bike. Just my size too. The bike has a story too. (Just like me!) It was built there at the shop for a loyal customer. One problem. It was one size too small. It had been sitting most of the year. (Waiting for me to show up. I think!)

After talking with Dean I decided to think about it. For those who don’t know. Top end road bikes can start in the $2000 up to 15 to 20,000 dollars. Buy one is a financial commitment.
Well I decided to make the commitment. Dean said at the time that it would act like a carrot. I have been thinking and waiting to get this bike. It has made me stay the course too.

September was like a dam breaking. 2 months and I was still going.

September’s log

9/1/2009 11.7 Mile 1:01:00
9/3/2009 9.5 Mile 0:49:00
9/4/2009 11.5 Mile 0:58:00
9/6/2009 17 Mile 1:38:00
9/7/2009 11.5 Mile 1:05:00
9/8/2009 11.5 Mile 0:58:00
9/9/2009 11.5 Mile 1:00:00
9/11/2009 9.5 Mile 0:50:00
9/12/2009 13.5 Mile 1:12:00
9/13/2009 9.5 Mile 1:04:00
9/14/2009 15.5 Mile 1:26:00
9/15/2009 15 Mile 1:24:00
9/17/2009 13.5 Mile 1:09:00
9/18/2009 13.5 Mile 1:04:00
9/20/2009 22 Mile 1:46:00
9/21/2009 18.1 Mile 1:35:00
9/23/2009 19 Mile 1:36:00
9/24/2009 20 Mile 1:36:00
9/25/2009 15 Mile 1:11:00
9/27/2009 18.2 Mile 1:27:00
9/28/2009 20.2 Mile 1:37:00
9/29/2009 20.2 Mile 1:35:00
9/30/2009 20.2 Mile 1:42:00

Well that’s enough for now.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

So off to capitol I went. I was looking a some mountain bikes. I didn’t feel that a road bike could hold up under my excess weight. Dean talked to me and I started to buy a Specialized Hardrock. It was an entry level recreational mountain bike. But from the time I 1st looked to the time I came back to buy it and take it home I had changed my mind and I went the next level up with a Rockhopper.

August 3 was the day. I brought my bike home and got ready for my 1st ride. That was an adventure in itself. I rode a whopping 3 miles in 30 minute. I felt like I was going to die. I did start to do one thing. I used an online workout log from to track my rides.

That week I rode my bike five times for 22.4 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes. My body felt like hell and I was ready to quit.

One of my biggest critics of my weight had been my Dad’s mom. Grandma Maxcell was a tough woman. She didn’t believe in sugar coating things. She would tell me “looks like you gain some more weight”. I lost her to cancer in 2002. She was like my mother. (My mother suffered with MS for 23 years and had very bad dementia) Her loss really left a hole there for someone to keep me in check.

After her passing my Dad took up that banner. He was always on me about losing weight. When my dad gets on me about things the Jackass in me comes out. I dig in my heels and I fight like hell. I know he just wanted the best for me. But I am a very stubborn person sometimes. Pig headed too.

So with that background I will continue. I started to text message my dad with ride reports. I also included one of my best friend’s Theron. I figured a little accountability would help keep me going.

My dad has been riding bikes since the early 1990’s. He really surprised me this time. I have tried many time to lose weight. Only to drop it when times got hard. This time he has been a big advocate and when I forgot to text him for a couple of days with my ride info he would check up on me by texting me back by saying “You going to ride today?” He also had been on a break from riding and he started to ride again so he would start to text me with his ride info.

Theron and I met at Fort Riley Kansas in the winter of 1992. He and I became roommates. Little did I know that a friendship would form which has be a gift from god to me. Theron is my anchor. He will support me and ground me when I get way out there. He knew the way I use to be. I was 165 pounds while I was in the Army. So he too has been a regular text report too.
I know that both my dad and Theron both thought “how long will this last?” But they have both supported me. I to them I am very grateful for their support.

Another person who has become part of my support group has been Dean at the bike shop. I know Dean was like my dad and Theron. How long will this one last. Dean has been there to answer the endless stream of questions I have and to give me advice on how to train better. He has also become someone I can talk to about this journey I am on.

As some can tell I can ramble on about things. But I feel I need to document this journey I am on. So just bear with me!

The month of August was very hard. Here is my training log for that month.

8/3/2009 3.00 Mile 0:30:00
8/4/2009 4.25 Mile 0:34:00
8/5/2009 3.35 Mile 0:26:00
8/7/2009 4.50 Mile 0:30:00
8/9/2009 7.25 Mile 0:45:00
8/10/2009 8.50 Mile 0:45:00
8/12/2009 6.25 Mile 0:31:00
8/13/2009 7.30 Mile 0:33:00
8/15/2009 10.25 Mile 0:55:00
8/17/2009 5.75 Mile 0:30:00
8/18/2009 7.50 Mile 0:37:00
8/19/2009 11.40 Mile 1:00:00
8/21/2009 6.25 Mile 0:30:00
8/23/2009 9.75 Mile 0:50:00
8/25/2009 7.80 Mile 0:39:00
8/26/2009 7.80 Mile 0:38:00
8/27/2009 7.80 Mile 0:40:00
8/28/2009 7.80 Mile 0:38:00
8/30/2009 11.70 Mile 0:58:00
8/31/2009 9.50 Mile 0:49:00

Not really setting the world on fire but I was up and I was finally moving.

Well enough for now.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Begining

Here is chapter one.

It was Mid-July 2009. I am standing on my scale and see 299 pounds. Could be worse, I thought. Then I realize that the scale didn’t go any higher than 299. I woke up everyday in pain. I couldn’t eat spicy food. (Here in SW Louisiana that just sucks!!!) I was well on my way to a heart attack.

I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t run. It hurt too damn much. I need to do some sort of exercise.

I had followed cycling from afar. Growing up I remember watching Greg Lemond win his 1st Tour de France. I rode my bike while I was growing up. I remember watching Lance Armstrong rewrite the record book of the Tour by winning 7 straight. But I just never found the time to exercise. I always let the events of the day take over my wellness. Had to get my sleep, too busy at work. Those were just a few of the excuses I used.

I was watching TV and saw that the Tour was on TV. I remembered that Lance Armstrong was making a comeback, so I tuned in and watched.

They kept talking about his age. I thought “He isn’t that old”. Lance is not even a month older than I am. (21 days to be exact) I thought to myself “Look what this man is doing!” Here I am fat and out of shape. I then realized that there is no excuse for me to be this way.

I remembered that I did own a bike. I didn’t know what kind of shape it was in. But I thought “Riding a bike would be good for me”. I went and checked on my bike. It was a mess. No way it was going to be ridden. Not with out lots of work.

I then remembered that I knew the guy who owned our local bike shop. Capitol Cyclery. I knew Dean thru my best friend’s brother.

So off to Capitol I went.