Monday, January 25, 2010

The Begining

Here is chapter one.

It was Mid-July 2009. I am standing on my scale and see 299 pounds. Could be worse, I thought. Then I realize that the scale didn’t go any higher than 299. I woke up everyday in pain. I couldn’t eat spicy food. (Here in SW Louisiana that just sucks!!!) I was well on my way to a heart attack.

I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t run. It hurt too damn much. I need to do some sort of exercise.

I had followed cycling from afar. Growing up I remember watching Greg Lemond win his 1st Tour de France. I rode my bike while I was growing up. I remember watching Lance Armstrong rewrite the record book of the Tour by winning 7 straight. But I just never found the time to exercise. I always let the events of the day take over my wellness. Had to get my sleep, too busy at work. Those were just a few of the excuses I used.

I was watching TV and saw that the Tour was on TV. I remembered that Lance Armstrong was making a comeback, so I tuned in and watched.

They kept talking about his age. I thought “He isn’t that old”. Lance is not even a month older than I am. (21 days to be exact) I thought to myself “Look what this man is doing!” Here I am fat and out of shape. I then realized that there is no excuse for me to be this way.

I remembered that I did own a bike. I didn’t know what kind of shape it was in. But I thought “Riding a bike would be good for me”. I went and checked on my bike. It was a mess. No way it was going to be ridden. Not with out lots of work.

I then remembered that I knew the guy who owned our local bike shop. Capitol Cyclery. I knew Dean thru my best friend’s brother.

So off to Capitol I went.

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