Friday, January 29, 2010

The New Bike

Well today was the day. I picked up my new bike!!!

Been a long time coming. Mid-September I made the choice to by my bike. I brought her home today!!!

She came home really fitted out too. Due to me need to tinker. My bike is mostly Shimano Ultegra. On a spur of the moment decision. I changed from a Shimano 105 Rear derailleur to a Dura-Ace. Dean was out running some errands and I had too much time to look around and saw the Dura-Ace sitting in the counter.

So you know I had to make a ride. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I just had to take out my new toy and play. Despite a cold front moving thru.
Well I took off and it was amazing. No vibration. The shifters were awesome. It was fast!!!.

I road 15.5 miles at a 14.5 mph pace. While this was not a record pace for me. It was a record considering that the wind was howling @ 18 mph and with gust up to 25+ mph.

I will have to continue to write about riding the new bike.

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