Friday, January 29, 2010

All caught up!!!

Chapter 6

December. I started the month at 257 pounds. The weather here in SW Louisiana turned cold and wet. We also had the earliest snow ever. (So much for Global Warming!!!)

I only got to ride outside 3 times for just over 78 miles. It sucked!!!
I did end 2009 in a great fashion. I rode on the 31st.

So to continue to do some training I went to the gym. There I did elliptical and Spin classes. Plus also did some weight lifting. I plan to continue the weights but will still focus on my cycling outdoors.

I ended 2009 @ 252 pounds. So I lost 47 pounds total for the year. 1460 miles for the year.

2010 goals.
Get my weight down to 199 pounds. 53 pounds for the year.

Want to ride:

A century ride (100 miles)

Meteric Century (62.5 miles / 100 KM)

Ride a 2 day ride (Think I am going to try the Ride to the River MS ride in TX. )

I want to ride 5200 miles this year.

January 2010

A new year and a new me.

I have big goals for this year.

I have Finally got back out on the road. The 1st half of the month was brutally
cool. Set some record lows. (Again, Global Warming at work! HAHA)

Ok well this will catch me up. I will be just posting as I go alone and will have a monthly recap post too.

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