Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I survived the first month!!!. At the end of August I weighed 281 pounds. I can not truly say how much I weighed over 299. So I started there. So 18 pounds since the middle of July.

Not to bad of a start. I went in to Labor day weekend looking to make some rides. Well I found out what happens when you ride and are not prepared. I was riding and I heard a popping sound. Well I blew out 2 spokes on my back wheel. Now this didn’t happen by the house. No, I was 6 miles from the house. So limp home I did. I was desperate to continue to ride. I was feeling good and I didn’t want to stop. This was on a Sunday. Well no shops here local were open. Monday the local shop was closed so I checked in Beaumont and they were open. I drove over and got my wheel fixed so I could ride that afternoon. It wasn’t cheep either.

The month of September rolled by. I made at least 5 rides a week. Some times I rode 6 days. I was loving my time on my bike. I really can’t explain how I felt while I was riding. I started to be more focused. I was sleeping better. My energy level was just going up and up.

I started to make longer rides. My longest of September was 22 miles in 1H 46M. Came a long way from that 1st ride of 3 miles in 30 minutes.

My total mileage for September was 356 miles. I weighted 269 pounds then. So 30 pounds total. 12 pounds for the month.

After that 1st broke spoke I continued to have spokes break. Dean had to change so many spoke that he cried when he sent the wheel back to Specialized. They replaced my bad wheel with one that was a little beefier. I haven’t had a problem since either!!! Thank you Dean!!

As these first 2 months passed I continued to eat, breath and live to ride. I stayed on the internet. Looking up info and trying to educate myself. I also became a regular to stop and shoot the bull at the bike shop. Dean and the guys who always ask how it was going and that help me stay motivated. I also started to think about buying a true road bike.

At first I said I would get one in the spring. The logic behind that was that by then I would have lost enough weight that the smaller tires and rim could hold me. As I educated my self I realized that they could hold me now. So I when from a May window to I would look around February.
Well on my trip to Beaumont to get my wheel fixed. They had a bike that I liked there. They asked if I would like to test ride it. I took it out for a short spin. I realized that I had to get on a true road bike.

That week I went to the shop and sat there and waited for Dean to get free to talk about a bike that I liked that he had. People kept coming in and I just kept waiting. Dean didn’t realize I was there to talk some business. I would have waited longer too.

He had a Specialized Tarmac Pro bike. Just my size too. The bike has a story too. (Just like me!) It was built there at the shop for a loyal customer. One problem. It was one size too small. It had been sitting most of the year. (Waiting for me to show up. I think!)

After talking with Dean I decided to think about it. For those who don’t know. Top end road bikes can start in the $2000 up to 15 to 20,000 dollars. Buy one is a financial commitment.
Well I decided to make the commitment. Dean said at the time that it would act like a carrot. I have been thinking and waiting to get this bike. It has made me stay the course too.

September was like a dam breaking. 2 months and I was still going.

September’s log

9/1/2009 11.7 Mile 1:01:00
9/3/2009 9.5 Mile 0:49:00
9/4/2009 11.5 Mile 0:58:00
9/6/2009 17 Mile 1:38:00
9/7/2009 11.5 Mile 1:05:00
9/8/2009 11.5 Mile 0:58:00
9/9/2009 11.5 Mile 1:00:00
9/11/2009 9.5 Mile 0:50:00
9/12/2009 13.5 Mile 1:12:00
9/13/2009 9.5 Mile 1:04:00
9/14/2009 15.5 Mile 1:26:00
9/15/2009 15 Mile 1:24:00
9/17/2009 13.5 Mile 1:09:00
9/18/2009 13.5 Mile 1:04:00
9/20/2009 22 Mile 1:46:00
9/21/2009 18.1 Mile 1:35:00
9/23/2009 19 Mile 1:36:00
9/24/2009 20 Mile 1:36:00
9/25/2009 15 Mile 1:11:00
9/27/2009 18.2 Mile 1:27:00
9/28/2009 20.2 Mile 1:37:00
9/29/2009 20.2 Mile 1:35:00
9/30/2009 20.2 Mile 1:42:00

Well that’s enough for now.

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