Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The great month of October!!! And why is it great??? Well it’s my birthday!!! (Not really great anymore! Just another year older!!! HAHA)
I started the month @ 269 pounds. And I was really on a roll. In the 1st week I made my longest rides to date 25.2 and 24.2 miles. I was tearing up the pavement!!!
Due to some issues at work I took a week of right after my birthday. I was primed up to really put down some miles. But Mr. Murphy reached out and kicked down.
On that 1st day of my vacation, I had a wreck. It was early in the morning and it had rained over night. I was 10 miles in to what I was hoping was going to be a 30 mile ride. Well wouldn’t you know it but a Rail road track reached up and threw me down! Not really. While crossing the tracks, which were still slick from the rain, my front tire dropped in to the crack. I was going about 15 mph at the time. RR track + wheel in crack = Jack flying off of bike!!!. Must have been quite the sight, A short fat guy flying.
I can say that when something like this happens it’s like watching TV in slow-mo. It took forever to hit the ground. I was thinking that this was really going to hurt. But God takes care of fools. (And I am one of the biggest fools) I had a large patch of road rash on my shoulder. A goose egg bump on my forearm, a cut up hand, and a large bump on my knee.
My shirt was a total loss, so was my gloves. My bar ends were trashed and I couldn’t pedal my bike. Somehow the front derailleur got knock out of place. I was planning on riding home but when I couldn’t pedal I had to suck up my pride and call for a ride. Thanks to my Bother in law Derrick for coming to rescue me!!!
After I cleaned up some. I painfully loaded my bike on my car and took it to the Bike shop to get everything fixed!!!. I didn’t want to miss any rides! When I got to the shop and told Dean what had happen. He was worried I might have damaged my collarbone. My shoulder really was smarting by then. So I proceed to text my sister who worked for a Ortho. She got me in that afternoon. X-rays were negative. But boy my shoulder and wrist are still not the same to this day.
New bar ends, new gloves and Doctor copay = 85 bucks.
Could have been worse. Learned a big lesson. Slow down for Railroad tracks!!!!
I took the next day off. I felt like a train had ran over me. But come Wednesday morning I was back out on the road!!! I went right back the same way and went right over those railroad tracks!!! I couldn’t let them beat me!!! HAHA
On the 18th my dad came to town and brought his bike!!! He and I went out and did a Sunday morning ride. It was great!!!
I continued for the rest of the month here is my log:

10/2/2009 25.2 Mile 2:03:00
10/4/2009 24.2 Mile 1:59:00
10/5/2009 23 Mile 1:49:00
10/7/2009 16.4 Mile 1:16:00
10/8/2009 20 Mile 1:44:00
10/12/2009 10 Mile 0:45:00
10/14/2009 15.2 Mile 1:14:00
10/15/2009 20.1 Mile 1:35:00
10/16/2009 19 Mile 1:37:00
10/18/2009 17.1 Mile 1:17:00
10/19/2009 11.4 Mile 1:00:00
10/20/2009 20.4 Mile 1:32:00
10/23/2009 17 Mile 1:25:00
10/24/2009 18 Mile 1:20:00
10/27/2009 20.3 Mile 1:34:00
10/28/2009 23 Mile 1:55:00

Just over 300 miles. I ended the month @ 262 pounds, so only 7 pounds this month.

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