Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Recap

End of the month recap.

Well January started off really cold. I didn’t get to get out on the road until the 12th. Even then it was hit or miss on getting multiple rides in. So the training total for the month was 227 miles.

The biggest new is that I picked up my road bike. I only got to ride it twice this month. (Picked it up on the 29th) I have a feeling that the miles will start to add up quickly now!!!

I made my 1st group ride today. I loved it!!! It started of really fast. Too fast really for me. About 5 miles in I was dropped. The wind was just too much for me to keep the pace up. 2 guys dropped back with me (Thank you John and Craig!!!) We kept an 18 mph pace until about 7-8 miles from the end. That is when I gassed out. So end up with just over a 16 mph pace. The ride was a total of 42.6 miles for me. Not my longest but certainly the fastest I had ever ridden.

The future is looking really bright. I learned a lot today. But all and all it was a fun ride. Was a little cold but I have been thru worse.

Till the next ride!

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