Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little rambling and some backround

Well the rain spoiled any chance of a ride yesterday.

I figured that I have some stuff I want to put to paper so I might as well make a post.

A little background on how I let myself get in to the poor shape I am in. Thru out high school I was always involved in sports. I mostly wrestled. And I don’t mean just at the high school. I trained and competed year round. All of that ended after my junior year. I moved to Louisiana and was at a school that didn’t have wrestling.

After I graduated I joined the Army. I was an Infantryman. We did PT every day. Took long walks in the woods and spent long amounts of time out doing other training. Thru this I was always active. But it is also hard on the body. In 1995 I tore up my knee. (Again!!! Messed up the right one in 1991 at Airborne School, this time the left one) Well after they did surgery to clean that mess up, I was told that I would have to be reclassified. I just wasn’t going to be the same after the knee injuries. Well I took the other option, they Medically discharged me. I needed a new start. (I was in the middle of a divorce)

So in February 1996 I was discharged.

I know that between that and the divorce it took a mental toll on me. I drifted and I continued to eat like I was as active as I was for the past 6 years. I also drank way too much.

I rechanneled my drive to be in control and be the best to my work. I was a fast burner. I moved up the latter at work quickly. But the job was very stressful. I never ate right and was always drinking too much too. I never made time to go workout. It was too hard, so I took the cop out.

Well I finally realized that I couldn’t continue the stress load. I also got tired of feeling like crap because of drinking. So there started some changes. I left the stressful job and drifted for a while until I got hire to my current job. During the drifting time I just never realized what I need to do.

Then it hit me when I saw the scale maxed out.

So there the journey began. August of 2009 was the start. Where it will end is really up to me and me alone. While I have great support from friends and family, it is still up to me. It is up to me to keep riding and working.

I took the time to look up what the Army regulations say someone of my age and height can weigh. It is 178 pounds. So I have decided that my ultimate goal is 180.

But that is a large chunk to lose. So I have made some short term goals. I am taking this 10 pound at a time. Right now I am at 249. So the goal for now is 239. Then it will be 229 and so on.

My goal for 2010 is to get to 199. But I will not stress out if I don’t get there. I will be happy with whatever I weigh on December 31, 2010. So long as I am working at losing more. I know that it will not come off over night. It was 13 year of neglect that got me here. So I know that I will have to work at it to lose it.
That is the biggest difference between this journey and my other attempts to lose weight. I was always looking for the quick fix. There is no quick fix. Its hard work and changing your lifestyle. It is a journey.

Well that’s just a little background and some thoughts and goals.

I am a talkative person. I can ramble on endlessly. Also my grammar isn’t the best either.

So there is my ramble for the day!!!

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