Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Battling the WInd

Well I guess I need to make a post.

Rode both yesterday and today. Yesterday sucked to be on a bike. I was a bit sore from Sundays ride so I planned to make it an easy ride. Well it turned in to a true suffer fest. The wind was blowing very hard. It nearly blew me in to the ditch on the side of the rode on numerous occasions. I only rode for a hour. It was bad.

Today’s ride was a little better. Still had the wind but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday. I managed 27.6 miles.

Added the cadence feature to my computer. I finally broke down and got the sensor and installed it. I think that this will help me develop a better pedal stroke. We shall see.

I am eager to see how the Chilly Roger ride goes next month. Will be my 1st metric century ride. I hope to ride 50 miles this weekend. I want to try to add some mileage every weekend leading up to the ride to make sure I am ready.

Not much else to rant about today.

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