Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Recap

What a great week!

We will start with my weight. I am down to 242. I know that I have not been in this weight bracket since at least 1998. Maybe 1997. 96-98 was the 1st of my large weight gains. So I am getting in to an area that I haven’t been in a long time.

As for the bike. Only made 2 rides in the last part of the week. Saturday morning and this morning. Yesterday was windy and cold. Only rode 15.7 miles.
This morning was a totally different story. I rode for 64.2 miles. A new personal best. I also kept a 15.7 mph pace. It was insane. They say cycling is a suffering sport. The last 12-15 miles I felt all of the suffer. Had the wind blowing in my face and it took everything I had to finnish the ride. I felt that I was so close to braking one of my goals (ride a metric century) that I had to push to make the distance. I couldn’t come up a couple miles short.

I feel that I am ready for the Chilly Roger ride on the 13th of March now. (62.5 mile ride)

Ok time for the mileage Challenge update.

Mileage to date – 594.5

Miles needed – 800

Miles + or – (-205.5) gained 10 miles this week.

I totaled 110 miles in 3 rides this week.

I will say that it will take a few more rides till my rear end will be use to this.
I am sore right now! I am tired and sore but I am very happy too. Now I just have to work on getting ready to try a Century ride. (100 Miles) That’s the next goal to attack.

Well that is all for now.

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