Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Ride

Well had a great ride this morning. It started off fast. The group was averaging 19-20 mph. I was able to stay up with them for about 9-10 miles. I knew I would be falling off the back. I just don’t have the legs yet to keep that pace up. I kept the group in sight till the made the turn to the south. Then my personal battle with the wind began. I was very happy when I made the turn to the west and wasn’t riding in to the wind. I ended up with 42.6 miles and averaged 16.6 mph. That is my fastest ride ever. I was able to keep up with the group for about 3 miles longer than I did the last time so I know I made some gains. I will only get better as the year progresses and I lose some more weight.

This week I broke 1600 miles since I started back in August. Funny it doesn’t seem like that many miles.

I am going to start to do a weekly update on my goal mileage for the year. The goal is to break 5200 miles. That means I need to average 100 miles a week. So here is the 1st update.

Mileage to date – 367.7

Miles Needed – 600

Miles + or - (-232.3)

I really am not worried about the negative balance right now. I know that I will make some of that up when the weather gets better.

Well not much else to say today

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