Friday, February 5, 2010



Well the rain has passed for now. So out I go to put some miles on the new ride. Did 26 miles this evening. Just made it in before it got dark. Planning on making a ride tomorrow and Sunday. (Mondays forecast is for rain again)

Starting to feel a little more comfortable on the new bike. I know it’s going to take a few more weeks to really get the true feel. But I really am enjoying riding this bike. After my spill back in October, my wrist has always hurt while I rode. On the new bike it really hasn’t been a issue. The carbon bars and on the bike really have dampened the road vibration so no issue with the wrist.

Well time for my weekly weight report. I am now at 247 pounds. So now a total of 52+ pounds lost. 48 to go for 2010. I can say that I can not remember being in this weight range in the past decade. My 42 waist pants are hanging on me. I can fit in to 40 waist cloths now . That hasn’t happen since the late 90’s.

My body is getting use to the new vitamins and the diet change. But for now it seems like it is going good. I haven’t had any wild cravings to eat and splurge.

Well that’s it for now.

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