Thursday, February 4, 2010

The "D" Word

Well not much to write about cycling today. Been raining since last night. So no ride today.

Instead I will write about the dreaded “D” word. Diet.
I haven’t been following a specific diet plan. I always fail when I do. This time I am eating mindful. I am eating smaller portions and trying to avoid the bad stuff. I have also been drink a lot more water and less sodas. (I don’t think I can ever give then up completely.)

Well it worked well so far. But I have hit a wall. So I am revamping the diet again. I am adding more green stuff. (salads to be exact) I am trying to only eat a salad for dinner. I am hoping that by not eating a have meal at dinner it can help me get past the wall I am at.

Well 5 days in and I am starting to like this. It’s really affordable to hit the supermarket and shop for salad fixing’s.
I will see how this new approach works.

I just thought of something cycling to put in this post.
I just got a new rack for my car! I am ready to hit the road! I bought a Saris Thelma rack. It allows me to carry 2 bikes and it holds them by the wheels and not the frame. Very important because carrying a carbon bike by the frame is no good. So now I will have to make the trip to Houston and ride over there with my dad.

Well enough for today.

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