Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cross Training

Well time for another update.

Wednesday I was still sore from Tuesday’s ride. So I decided not to ride. Instead I went and shot some hoops with some friends. Let me rephrase that, I attempted to play basketball. I am not a strong basketball player. I am short and fat. Not the best combination for basketball. I have never been a good basketball player. I wrestled in school. The way we played basketball was full contact.

I had some fun and did get the ball in the hoop a couple of times. And it was a different type of exercise. We played outside and I was really surprised how cold it was. While we were playing it really didn’t feel cold. But when we stopped I could feel the chill. I hope we start to get the really spring weather soon.

I managed a easy ride today. (Was still sore, basketball is hard on ya too.) Did 24.5 miles at a 15.5 mph pace. I kept the heart rate down too. Only averaged 71% of my max. I am really starting to feel comfortable on the new bike. I have got 264 miles on it now and I really am enjoying it.

I need to get 2 more rides in this week to meet my 5 rides a week goal. Hope the weather holds up.

Well enough for now.

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