Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly Recap

Well I guess I need to get caught up.

I rode Thursday night. Did 27 miles. As usual the wind was howling. Really wasn’t the best effort. I think I was just feeling a little worn down.

I was going to ride Saturday morning but I had a bout of Allergy problems. I am thankful this year. Lots of people have been fighting them this year. I would normally be really messed up with them. I think the exercising has been the difference.

Sunday morning I rode with Big Ron. Ended up with 36 miles. Had 114 for the week.

So for my personal mileage challenge.

Miles Needed 1800 Total Miles so Far 1581 Total Behind for the Year 219

I made up 14 miles this week. Was hoping to make a bigger dent in it but such is life.

Well today was the 1st ride of the week. I only did 23 miles but I had some good moments during the ride. A friend who I ride with has a saying. “Any day you get to ride your bike is a great day” I really agree with this statement. I know that when I ride, I feel better.

Well till the next time.

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