Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly recap

Well time to round up the week.

Rode Monday night. Nice easy ride 22 miles.

Tuesday I took off.

Wednesday was the Monthly TT. Almost thought it wasn't going to happen. Had some heavy thunderstorms move thru right before we started. We started late but we did start. The wind was ready strange. Was in your face just a bit on the southbound leg. On the way back it was more in your face. never really got a tail wind.

I ended up with a 18.75 average. A little slower than last month. But I am not down about it. I feel that this was my best effort yet. I was at 18.1 at the turn and had to wait on traffic to turn. Even with a slight headwind I gained time on the way back in. Not as much as I would have liked but I did gain time with the wind on my face. Also my time was 39:22. 20 seconds slower than last month. Not to worry. You can't always set personal best.

Had a great ride on Thursday. Had a great 1st section of the ride. I hung in on the front pack for 7-8 miles. We were going from 22-25 mph. Still can't keep that up for long yet. But I will get there. Ended up with 27 miles though.

Didn't ride on Friday. Went to the meet and greet for my class reunion. (20 years, scary to think about that!! lol)

Was going to ride with Ron Saturday night but some heavy weather blew in again.

This morning did a ride to the Gibbstown bridge and back. Rode with Mike G. and John V. They are both really strong riders. They pulled for me in the wind and really help me make this one of my all time best efforts. We did 52 miles at a 18.2 avg.

Personal mileage Challenge.

2100 miles needed.

Total miles for the year 1960

Miles behind 140

For the month of my so far I have rode 569 miles. This week was a light one, only 4 rides for 117 miles.

I am planning on riding tomorrow. I am hoping to get the 31 miles that I am short of making the 600 mile mark for this month. If I do get there it will be great. If I don't? No big deal. Just have to work harder next month!!!

Well enough for now.

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