Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well I felt like making a post today.

Monday was my off day so nothing to report there. I rode the Tuesday group ride.
The plan was to just take it easy. Like that really happened. Those of us middle packers started off earlier than the Fast group. Well some of the riders from that group who would normally get dropped after Tom Hebert Rd. left with us. We started off a nice pace. 16-18 mph. When we hit Southpark we went to the 17-19 mph pace. I will say that I really was enjoying this ride.

When we got to Tom Hebert Rd a small group broke out of the front but we had a group of 8-10 of us who stayed together. We rode the 17-20 pace all the way out to Helms Rd on 397. A group of 6-7 of us turned around and headed back in. We kept the same pace. That is till the Ladies got to the front and decided to show their power, the picked the pace up to 21 mph. (Thank you Lisa!!! LMAO)

We lost the Stoney man on Lincoln Rd and Lisa dropped back with him. (Stoney is the toughest guy I have met. Nothing seems to hold this guy back!) I stayed with the group. And we kept the 17-20 pace going.

I stayed with it till Southpark. That’s where when the pace got up to over 25 mph that I fell off. I regained the group on McNeese for a easy ride back to the shop.
This was by far one of my best group rides. I enjoyed the people I was riding with and the pace was fantastic!

Last night I rode with Ron. Jessica messaged me and wanted to ride so we all rode from Ron’s house. We did an easy 23.5 mile ride. Big Ron wanted to push the pace but like I told him “save that energy for tonight’s ride”
So with that ride I have 126 mile for the month of May. (We are only 6 days into the month) and 50 miles for the week.

I am really feeling strong right now. I know that there will be low points, but right now I am making some solid gains.

Sunday I pulled up an old Email I had sent my dad back in September of last year. It was only 6 weeks in to my riding. I listed a bunch of goals. I have stuck to most of them. Some of them I have just blown clear out of the water.

I was talking to a friend on Tuesday. The said that I might have to make a higher
goal for my annual mileage goal. My response was that I won’t set a number above the 5200 miles I set. I will just beat that number in to the ground if I can do it.

One goal that I wrote about in that email was the Seattle to Portland ride. It is 202 miles. I wanted to do that in 2011. I have decided that I will do that one in 2012. But that is a ride which I will be doing!

Will be riding tonight, Saturday and Sunday. So I should make another post on Sunday with a recap of the tail end of the week.

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