Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Recap

Oh what a week!

Monday was an off day. That was a good thing. We had some heavy rain came thru that would have made a ride a bad deal.

Tuesday work lasted late so I just rode my bike up to the Shop to do the group ride. Ended up with a nice 35 mile day.

Did a nice solo ride. Rode 15 miles out on to the Island and back so ended with 30 miles total.

Thursday was a group ride again. Help Jessica with her bike (they had a tire problem) so we fell way back of the pack. Stoney and Lisa waited on McNeese and we proceeded as a group on 4. Did 23 miles.

Friday I rode from home to the Shop and met up with Charles and we rode the short route (21 mile) with the distance from home to the shop and back, I ended up with 28 miles.

Took Saturday off the bike.

This morning I got up and did the Grand Lake loop solo. Ended with 44 miles today.

Well I finished the week with a new weekly best mileage 160 miles. I am feeling really good on the bike.

Personal Mileage Challenge.

Miles needed 2000 Miles total this year 1843 Miles behind 157.

Made a big dent in the deficit for the year this week.

I am on pace to blow thru the 485 miles that I rode last month. I only need 34 miles to match that. Also this week on Wednesday is the monthly TT. So there will be some new news in the next update.

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