Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Weekly Update

Well time to wrap up the week.

Wednesday’s ride was a solo ride. It has been some time since I have been out riding solo. Ended up with 20 miles. Rode a little harder than I would have liked too. Kind of got going and just did it.

Thursday’s ride was 27 miles and was at a good pace. Was surprised that I was able to do it after riding too hard on Wednesday. Really been burning both ends of the candle lately. Between work and helping Dean at the Bike shop. Plus keeping up my riding.
Wasn’t able to ride again until Today. Went to the T-Gator Tri to help with the SAG on the bike leg. After the Tri, I rode with John, Stefan, Mike, Craig and The Megues Brothers. We did 31 miles. For them it was a easy pace. For me it was one of my fastest ever. I averaged 18.5 pace.

Riding out of Sam Houston Park was different for me. I encountered hills. (I know that they are not real hills. But going from South LC to up there it was a big difference.) I will have to try to go up that way and do some more rides.

Well on to my personal mile challenge.

Miles needed 1900 Total Miles ridden 1683 Miles Behind 217.

Only had 101 miles for the week. But I think I have been pushing it hard as of late. Hope I an have a better week this week. I have now gone 6 straight weeks with 100+ miles a week.

Well till my next post.

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