Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Weekly Update

This was the gang that we Rode with. AKA Team Wall. The 2 ladies from Beaumont who rode with us gave us that name. LMAO

My dad, Big ROn and Myself before the Start of the 2010 Tour Lafitte.

Well time for an update. Where to start? This week was my best ever on the bike.

I rode 23 miles with Ron on Monday. Normally Monday is an off day. But the Monthly Time Trial that they said was going to be the 1st Wednesday of the month, is actually going to be the Last Wednesday of the month. So I make a change on the fly so I could rest Tuesday and make a good showing on the Time Trial.

Now to the time trial. Last Month I did the TT in 42M 33S. Its 20K. My average speed was 17.3.

I did this one in 39M 3S. Average speed of 18.9 mph. Dropped 3M 33S off my time. The is a long list of reasons for the improvement. New wheel set, Lots of training miles (420 miles from the last TT), better ride planning just to list a few. I was really stoked by my improvement. Can’t wait till the end of May to do it again.

I ended the month of April with 485 miles for the month. My best ever before this was 401 miles in November of last year. I could have rode Friday and broke the 500 make but I had Tour Lafitte on Saturday and the weather was going to be a issue and my dad had came in to town for the ride so I just left the 500 mile barrier up to break for another month.

Now on to the Tour. I decided early in April to ride the 40 mile route with my dad and Ron. Very glad for that decision. I had a great time. There was a group of 8 people and we stayed together for the whole 40 miles. The wind was brutal but as a group we made the ride.

This morning I capped off the best week ever on the bike. I went out on a ride with Big Ron. We rode to Boone’s Corner and back home. He ended up with 33, I rode to his house and back home so I had 35 miles. He did great!!! I know that that was his fastest ride ever. This after a very hard 40 miles yesterday in the wind at the Tour Lafitte!!! He is making great strides.

I ended the week with 140 miles in 9H 33M. My most miles and longest time ever!!! The funny thing is that I feel like I could do more! But not to worry. I will keep building up the miles.

My mileage goal update.

Week Miles Needed Miles Rode Total Miles
13 1300 79.7 960.0 -340.0
14 1400 112.6 1072.6 -327.4
15 1500 125.2 1197.8 -302.2
16 1600 129.3 1327.1 -272.9
17 1700 140.4 1467.5 -232.5

I am now only 232 miles behind of my goal. As you can see I have been hacking away at the deficit each week. At this pace I should be back on track by mid-July if not sooner. 5200 is the goal for the year.

Big Ron and I are planning a road trip to Beaumont on the 5th of June to ride the Spindle Top Spin. We will be doing the 50+ mile route. Then for July we are going to ride the Katy Flatland ride. Will most likely do 60 mile ride there.

Well enough for now.

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