Friday, June 11, 2010

The Late Update

Well, a friend has sent me a note (yes that’s you Stoney) that it time that I get my blog back up to date.

The month of May was a great one for me. I rode 601 miles. That is the most I ever have rode in a month.

I was off of work on Monday 5/31. Memorial Day. I rode with a group from Sam Houston Park for 33 miles. It was a great day!

Rode the Tuesday group ride and did 27 miles.

Didn’t ride again till Saturday. I rode the Spindle Top Spin in Beaumont, TX. There was a group of folks from L.C. who made the trip over. (Stoney, Lisa, Jessica, and Craig were the group that I went with) Was a really fun time. I know that there are a few parts of that ride that I will be talking about for years to come. We did 52 miles.

My personal mileage challenge status

Miles needed 2200
Total Miles 2073
Miles behind 127

I was busy last week helping the Bike Shop move to the new location. That has keep my days riding down. This weekend is the big move. So I should get back on track next week.

I will make another post on Sunday to rap up this week.

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