Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Rider Alert!!!

Well Time for another post.

Well I enjoyed my weekend. Did not ride on Saturday or Sunday.

I relaxed and enjoyed time with friends.

I did end up with 88 miles for the week.

Friday after work I did a 25 miler. The weather down here is great right now. I plan on enjoying it. Because June, July and August are not far off and the Heat will be on.

I rode the group ride last night and pulled tail end charley for Dean so he could visit with his parents who were in town.

The most eventful thing on the ride was that Big Ron finally got off the easy chair and on a bike. Big Ron is my one of my Best Friends. He is like I was last Summer. Large and needing to get back in to shape. It is great to get Big Ron on a bike. I think that this will help me too. I know that when we get him back in to shape he and I will be doing some crazy rides.

Work (I have to do something to support my cycling addiction.) Is picking up. But the good news is looks like I will be getting some help so it shouldn’t affect my riding too much.

Well more later

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