Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mid-week update

Sorry for the large time gap.

I was down for the count during the weekend. It’s spring and the allergies hit me so I was not in any condition to ride this weekend.

Got back on the bike Monday afternoon. Did a nice easy 21 mile ride. Tuesday was group ride night got in to a nice small group and again did 21 miles at a 15.5 pace. Weather was poor on Wednesday, so didn’t make a ride.

Rode the Group rides again tonight. Again did 21 miles. Was going to push for a longer ride but the wind was really bad out of the Northwest. So I took a shorter ride. But the pace was good. 16.2 mph. All and all it was really a good ride.

Planning on riding tomorrow and Saturday. So will post an update on Sunday.

MS-150 update. Already have had 2 sponsors!! I have 300 dollars in donations so far!! I want to get to 1000. So friend and family help me out.

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