Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weather Rant

Well good ol’ Louisiana weather strikes again. It started with a 20% chance of rain the upgraded to a 40% chance. That just means they have no clue what mother nature is going to do.

The reason for the weather rant today is because it rained yesterday. So that means the official start of group rides here in Lake Charles has been put off till Tomorrow (Thursday).

It’s a good thing I got on the bike and made a ride on Monday. Just 22 miles.
If the mother nature works with me today I will ride this evening. Hope to ride the next 3 days and Sunday. (70% chance of rain for Saturday, if the weather whinnies get it right)

There will be no weight updates this week. My scale went out on me and the replacement is due in on Monday. (Thanks to the great deal on and free shipping)

Not much else to rant about today. Just had to complain about the weather and lack of a good forecast by the weathermen.

Till the next time!

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