Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long Week

Well time for my slacker butt to catch y’all up.

Had a great weekend on the bike.

Friday evening Big Ron (AKA The Blue Ox, From the Paul Bunion tails) did an easy 21 miles. He is still working on building his conditioning but is making progress.

Saturday evening I rode by myself and did 22 miles. Rode from my house to the Cameron parish line on Big Lake rd.

Sunday Big Ron and I made a long ride (for him) We rode to the Catholic church out in Grand Lake. 32 miles for me just 30 for Big Ron.

That put me at 125 miles on the week. My new personal best for a week.

Haven’t updated my mileage goals lately, so here it is.

Week 15
1500 miles needed.
Total so far, 1198

So I am 302 behind at this point. But I am not worried. I will get back on track.

Monday was my off day.

Last nights ride was the group ride out of the Bike shop. We did 27 miles at a 16.9 pace. Was a fun ride.

With that ride I hit another milestone. I broke 2500 total miles since I started to ride. I also have rode over a 1000 on my new bike too. The miles just keep rolling.

Tonight was an easy pace with Big Ron. We did 20 miles. I really am enjoying the company while I am riding.

Well I really need to get to sleep. Long day tomorrow.

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