Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update time

Well life has been busy. Sorry for the long gap in my post.

Road Thursday night was a really windy night. Did 24 miles. Was still a little tired from my Time trial ride the night before.

Friday was Good Friday. I went for a ride with Big Ron. We did 15 miles. I then turned around and did another 14 for a total of 29. I know the feeling of riding alone. So I really don’t mind hanging back and staying with Big Ron.

Saturday just didn’t feel too good that morning. The seasonal allergies are kicking me some.

Sunday was Easter. Didn’t make a ride. Spent the day at Big Ron’s, and ate way too much food.

The 1st ride for this week was Tuesday’s group ride. Had a small group of five of us, Did a 23 miler at around 16.5 mph. Nice little ride. Wednesday night rode a short one with Big Ron.

Tonight was group ride night again. Ended up with 23 miles. Wind was brutal out of the Northwest. So the pace wasn’t too fast. Had to fight home.
Did have one milestone though. I hit 30 mph for the 1st time. I was shocked!!!
But it was fun.

I am traveling to Houston tomorrow. Saturday I am riding the Katy Ram Challenge with my Dad. We are only riding 35 miles. So will post early next week on how that went.

Till the next one!!

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