Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time for a Update

Wow. Been a busy week.

Went to Houston to visit dad and do a ride over there.
We rode the Katy Ram Challenge. Did the 35 mile route. Got there early and was really surprised at the size of the crowd. There was close to 2000 riders. (might have even been over 2000) Just before the start the was a Beautiful double rainbow in the sky. (The call them Rainbows for a reason) Started the ride with a sprinkle of rain. It then turned in to a full blown rain. The 1st 12 miles was all rain. We came to the 1st SAG stop and it stopped while we were there. Thank you very much!!!

Took off from there thinking the worse was past us. We had quite a few more showers during the next 12 miles too. After leaving the 2nd SAG stop we saw the sun a little. But didn’t have any major showers on the last 11 miles.

It was great to ride with my Dad. He is coming to Lake Charles for the Tour Lafitte on May 1st. This ride will really be fun.

On Sunday my dad and I rode on the multi-use trails on the westside of Houston by the G.H. Bush resivor area. Ended up with 21.6 miles. It was a very senic route.

On the Tour Lafitte. I have decided to just ride the 40 mile route. My dad is going to ride that route. We will also have the company of Big Ron on the ride!

Big Ron has upgraded his ride to a Tarmac Comp. (His 1st ride on it was tonight!!!)

Have rode on just Tuesday and Thursday so far this week. Did 25 miles both nights. Planning on riding tomorrow night and Saturday with Big Ron.

Well I better get off to sleep. Early day tomorrow!

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