Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ups and downs

I have been really slacking off lately.

Well were to start? My shoulder had really flared up. I went to a Doctor to get it checked out. Initially he thought that I had a tear in my labrum. So I had to get a MRI. So for about a week I thought that I was going to have to have surgery on my shoulder. I got a good report back from the MRI. No tear. So off to physical therapy I went. 4 weeks of it. I am currently in week 2. I am having positive results too. The pain is mostly gone. But the shoulder is still really sore.

Thru all this I did have a great ride in Katy, TX. A group from here in Lake Charles went over for the Katy Flatland ride. It was a great ride. We all rode the 40 mile route. Dad even rode it too. (Every one but Lisa, she is always being a solo Queen!!!! Hahaha She rode the 62 miler.) Was a great ride. Dad did great. He really doesn’t group ride much and we really pushed the pace on him. Jessica also did eally good. She has came leaps and bound from the 1st little 15 mile ride that I rode with her.

The physical therapy and now a dental issue have kept me off the bike since the Katy ride. But I have not got down about the situation. It is better to have a break now than to be burnt out and need ing one in September or October. I need to be hitting a peak in October. So a short break now is ok with me. Plus it is just so hot too.

I hope to get out on the bike some time later this week. Will have to see what the deal is with the dentist. My appointment is in 30 minutes. So I guess I need to wrap up this post.

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